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Over Unity Systems In The Past
« on: August 22, 2023, 03:40:29 am »

  -- Many years ago, there was page article with drawing of spiral vortex dual 110v AC transformers that would provide higher wattage on output. (You know about the tornado effect) The unit was tested on refrigerator with proper meters and power factor. Also the best wind mill generator design was the US Patented "Tornado Turbine", Also the late Mr. Baumgartner demonstrated a hover platform lifting effect with small wattage train motor rewired in series for speed, and vortex spinning vanes. He had used computer program to design it. It was shown lifting him in a room and then later, the front end of city bus.  1950 Military motor pool soldiers converted used oil furnace to run on water. Fire pot at 1500 degrees then allows super-heated steam from SS tubing heat exchanger to add to 90lb oil flow to tiny pin point oil nozzle. When steam exits from 90lb high pressure to ambient zero pressure in fire pot the hydrogen and oxygen torch flame keeps heating. Oil valve shut off. If water line shut down, furnace has to be restarted on oil. Much smaller  version in crate was shown to Washington senator in underground parking lot. US patent application was refused. Why can't anything be purchased.      Alexander US Patent 3913004 1975 The technique of rotation with transformer effect (double wires on rotor) as in the above Patent method to increase energy, allowed inventor to make self running car with 4 air motors at wheels with air tank, battery , alternator, and modified military motor/generator with excessive output torque free energy to run main air compressor. The Stan Meyer Patented ionized Hydrogen gas H+H+O-- generator is way over unity (not electrolysis) and usable since the Patents time has ran out. In 1980's New York there was a self running air compressor with no battery or motor. The main shaft had journal with air cylinder that had higher pressure coming from inherent vortex tube higher pressure than 40lb tank + insulated heat chamber. Unit had spoked, balanced, heavy rim steel flywheel. Tube had 3 machined parts from 3 separate work machine shops, so as final design as put together would not be known. Inventor was mowing lawn outside trailer with long air hose hooked to tank. The interested Company reneged on the $3 million dollars wanted after 1 year. John W. Keely had shown demonstrations in 1890's Phil. Pa, of lifting effect (no gravity) with resonance frequencies and harmonic ratios using array of tuning forks and multiplication of higher vibrations on heavy metal spheres .His "transmitter wires" of gold, platinum + silver, are now called thermocouples and thermopiles. Witnessed by engineers, newspaper men, and investors at that time. Tesla didn't like Keely since Keely got more investor's money than he did. S1R9A9M9 (Nathren) of 2008 videos showed Briggs mower engine self running over unity with water in carburetor. Hydrogen gas electrolysis at spark plug with also water vapor pressure generated same time at neg 34 degrees ATDC. Magnetic field coil - called triple coils assy, over plug wire extends firing time for more contact with water. EGR improves performance. Alternator with magnets under flywheel provides constant 10 amps after battery was disconnected. Web site shut down. Special vacuumed sealed dual 1.6MH coils relay per cylinder also used for time spark extension. His CONVERTED carb type 1978 V8 El C amino tooled around town until locked up in security garage. You don't know about specialized information because you want data dropped in your lap, rather than doing your own science research yourself and finding out what others have already done. Back issues alternate energies magazines, documents you have to purchase, and published data on Internet YOU have to search for. See DVD VHS movies The Water Engine and 1949 Free For All .