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« on: March 11, 2008, 15:39:16 pm »
This is a place on the forum to help each other with how to measure their hydroxy output, not everyone knows how many cc's is in a liter etc,,, so here we will help people.

there are 1000 cc's in 1 liter.

if you want to know what you need, then 10cc's Times 60 seconds will = the amount per min you are after.

so (" 10cc's * 60sec = 600cc's ") This means you will get 600cc's in one min, At 10cc's per second.

SO (what you want per second) * (sixty seconds) = (what you need to produce per min)

If you already know what you get per min, but you dont know what you're producing each second then this is the formula for you...
(production per min) / (60secs) = CC's per sec.

600cc's per min / 60secs = 10 CC's per second     (600/60 = 10)
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