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Re: Herman Anderson
« Reply #80 on: June 14, 2021, 04:35:35 am »

The fusion neutron yield from a laser-irradiated heavy-water (D2O) spray target was studied. Heavy-water droplets of about 150nm diameter in the spray were exposed to 35fs laser pulses at an intensity of 1×1019W/cm2. Due to the 10–50 times bigger size of the spray droplets compared to usual cluster sizes, deuterons are accelerated to considerably higher kinetic energies of up to 1MeV. Neutrons are generated by the deuterons escaping from the plasma and initiating a fusion reaction within the surrounding cold plume of the spray jet. For each 0.6J of laser pulse energy, 6×103 neutrons are produced by about 1011 accelerated deuterons. This corresponds to a D(d,n) reaction probability of about 6×10−8. Compared to cluster targets, the reaction probability in the spray target is found to be two orders of magnitude larger. This finding apparently is due to both the considerably higher deuteron energies and the larger effective target thickness in the spray target. The measured neutron yield per accelerated deuteron [i.e., the D(d,n) reaction probability], is employed to compare and extrapolate the neutron emission characteristics from different target arrangements.


 2 in the e-cat process by the Italian inventor Rossi an increase in Copper was reported in the nickel powders utilized

3 in the environmental tape by Meyer  he mentions the  remediation of radioactive waste

Question is the gINT mentioned by Meyer actually  a Mizuno or LENR process?

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Re: Herman Anderson
« Reply #81 on: June 14, 2021, 19:29:19 pm »
Meyer's effect had nothing to do with the e-cat.  That one used a special isotope of Nickle which can convert to Copper.  This isotope does not occur in nature and must be manufactured.  Meyer found that when an Oxygen nucleus experiences an impact in the presence of an electron extraction field, the nucleus itself emits a beta electron.  This causes the Oxygen to decay to the next higher element.  There's no evidence he was using this with the dune buggy.  One drawing of his Injector does show a dielectric ring at the output, perhaps to facilitate a Z-pinch.  However, to use this effect, the Injector spark would need to be aimed across the top of the Piston, rather than AT the Piston.  Meyer may have had some kind of LENR technique, but he wasn't using it inside an engine.  But this doesn't mean it can't be used to produce excess hydroxy gas, for subsequent injection.

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Re: Herman Anderson
« Reply #82 on: June 26, 2021, 23:23:14 pm »
Hey guys D2O has nothing to do with H2O, D2O has deuterium instead of hydrogen and is very hard to make, deuterium has a neutron while hydrogen has no neutron, deuterium doesn't like the neutron and will give it to be in a lower energy or more stable state.

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Re: Herman Anderson
« Reply #83 on: March 15, 2024, 11:27:57 am »
Hello all,

I got some time today to rethink and re investigate the Anderson system.
Specially the radiolysis part, or as most of you know, the high voltage unit.
The goal of the two ignition coils are to create 70kV, with a spark.
This would creat soft xrays, accoordingly to Herman himself.
Of course, i started to run the most stupid setups and almost blew myself to heaven, as sparks should NEVER penetrade in a HHO cell.
As i have stated already many times, it is NOT about producing lots liters gas, but it is about the type of gas. Read: isotopes

I came after again listening to the famous interview video and after researching generic info on soft xrays to the next conclusions:
The Anode is the most important part of Herman. This because he says that he is charging it up during the process.
 Thats where the H is splitted from the H2O molecule. Thats where the Deuterium is created.
And thats where the isotope is catapulted to the Kathode. The Anode should also creating a magnetic field, as current is flowing thru it.
Ill guess that a pulsing magnetic field is more what we are looking for, as static magnetic fields didnt do much in my tests, compared to pulsed ones.

So, now, the magical question: What did Herman ment with charging up the anode?
For me it is clear that he ment the radiolysis proces, the soft xrays.
They should charge the anode.
The soft xrays should charge the fresh splitted H atoms.....
That makes sense as:
X-rays and gamma rays are able to pass through metals because of their high energy and short wavelengths. When these high-energy photons encounter a metal, they are able to penetrate the spaces between the atoms and interact very little with the electrons in the metal. This allows them to pass through the metal with minimal absorption or scattering. However, the ability of X-rays and gamma rays to pass through metals can be used for medical imaging, industrial testing, and other applications.

So....lets wrap corona wire on the outside of the Anode. Let the 70kV spark on the outside of the anode. not ever spark against the anode metal!!!!!!! BOOM.....Not good.

Just wanted to share my thoughts here. Hope soon the be able to run tests again :-)


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Re: Herman Anderson
« Reply #84 on: March 15, 2024, 11:55:24 am »
I also tried to use AI for transcripting the famous interview video:

hello and welcome to the Kentucky water
field museum I'm James Roby curator of
the museum in 1996 an interview was
conducted with Herman pleasant Anderson
the water fuel inventor who converted
this 1971 ford ltd to run on water in
the early 1980s dr. cliff Ricketts
professor of agriculture at middle
tennessee state university is demand
conducting the interview along with his
associates dr. rickets and some of his
students have been running cars on
hydrogen from water for over 15 years
using solar electric panels to provide
the electricity to perform the
electrolysis on the water it is then
stored in tanks and use of the vehicle
the video is a very poor quality but the
information container is priceless and I
hope you enjoy and tell us what to sound
a little round box that generator over
there against playing it to us yeah well
I would be fine if you ever wouldn't get
you on tango yeah yeah see but see I've
got so big Captain the capital now no
I've got that plaintiff actually inside
of it it's assault on Kofi inside of
both anode and the cathode see I do that
for reasons because i'm getting my
magnetics right to sleep it's very
important you gonna let this targeted
biasing that you do that
of course you got to have you at you yes
the cathode and anode separated just the
right place here because you don't and
making it by a subway and without a
divider in down in literacy you can use
at the bottom down in there you gotta
use it up for what you got a short and
Fox amateur unity and it took hold you
create a magnetic storm is here and it
won't do anything you're just blowing on
lock up like at all ography see if you
could see them that I had I'll have
generators that I could see em much
truth in decide they see exactly what it
was doing tree and I could get my box
rather be with your wife see you won't
because you your charges these are those
though you see with this heart of all to
see and you charge it limit now is the
high voltage it inside your generator
like medically on the passion of just
like first entry in making this guilty
man right you want it you might know
success what I own you can told you you
got it and you got a negative electrode
us and all ya know that's a positive
light 06 well what are you starting this
hydrogen over on your own sake and the
oxygen and hydrogen that's where you
split Utley and now then you get your
hydrogen ions go through you through you
electrolytic only like right now I would
/ through this to the cathode side see
well in order to collapse into hood
piously and you got it you gotta like
this on
these a scaffold and an animal it's be
local you gotta try them you know like a
magnet see that and then you passed it
gives me to use my amex then you passed
at home this is just like a magnet now
propose it you plastic holes not sleep
and your hydrogen's are as forested and
this home on you nanosci dosbox me well
what does fast have been forced to do it
courses lost it and that pushes this
hydrogen power really policy brother
passed through this look up and gets it
over there Honda and then they all the
cathode side just made it and that just
pulled us these hydrogen ions in the
disposal into this to the capital C and
there is where you can watch we hardly
see their intolerance listed over and
like a molecule abaya ch2 see the
catalog wat run on your capital to make
two for yardage interesting but in the
process going home from the anode to the
cathode see you come and move your right
your license process fancy you're
changing it is hydrogen the ha ha i see
you govern the atomic weight and eww the
Energon you don't in your power you're
doubling everything she and a UW in your
mouth desk you see critical and that's
what gives you fall yeah yeah and it's
all gone just instantly like that autumn
i and and sick and what when they gets
over on the castle on the side it's
already introductory
ok you go along with Denise a hydrogen
comes out here in there yo and this just
turns it it turns it in this video how
did you enter a hydrogen isotopes and
just another form of hydrogen I like
Heather warn you know how you make
everyone you know for the new Covanta
that's what you're doing out here you
like it anymore you feel but you got
years ago we've got use an slicing
shielding will see and what way you got
these two coal I got now record they go
on the right corner and they hook them
together the 35 out what to use in Royse
car and I got two of them that gave me
seven if I lost to change this hydrogen
and future they standing wave frequency
right in between of a microwave on a
hard and a hard actually which is called
a soft x-rays to get it in luck now if
you have more more grown up like that
the UV you'd be changing more and the
hard actually and you don't want to do
that see it's a very important to get
that seventh all in motion what are you
calling salt x-ray and is tony la
fréquence in between microwaves and hard
actually dr. Calkins petrol
and that's a sad one on I cycle for
something this matter won't get
increased pressure going to leave now
uh-huh it under that restaurant it gives
me the engine but what if the mind and
your slave slave harder otherwise it
would be pushing it with us type of
carburetor it would be pushing us how
did you know Duke right through the
carburetor and byc like the two sons
shouldn't medical NYC and that looks
like a nut hydrogen see over here ahead
and then put in your way to a certain
parcel actually it just given the
morning when you feed it step on the
accelerator and demand more hydrogen to
run you engine accelerates edging up say
well this will give it whatever it later
okay there's a pumping the mousetrap or
play tomorrow ok now let's go and we're
going yep see I can have to get that
person well known
that exam with the pressure increases
right over there oh that pressure that
keeps it partner I'm getting too harshly
that's generated yeah it's a if they get
pressure this if he keeps making this
harder you see in that Joe i if you not
use it it'll keep all night if you don't
have a device like that it'll keep all
negative in boulder up it just cuts it
it says them off from your battery and
focus on auto get the route 6a see you
using us as your mic mr. kustom you that
you got a little doctor right here okay
it's gage I think oh yeah that's your
Porsche good oh there's the plane over
here no no you be hard to get it being
or if you get one who's I got it up I'll
bounce up down to California
you can mix it I use this the gasoline
and pulls out two years before I haven't
started on the hostages make sure you
home or can he give you thought or a
full apology yes you got yo job mixing
the water we get by the water and I'll
get enough for the farm aw mama gasps me
company one hold that we're here going
on the paper to warranty and I knew all
about that on you what that would do see
and that has an M can hear me and that's
long now they built a bunch of these
fainted they never good working on more
and more come here Joe motors building
for the mall Cadillacs and never did
work because it it it it whoever well
this a Robert villain he has one to see
and doctors in it none of us don't work
because they didn't they then put it
into a faulty they just put it into a
spray and not so good that puts it out
hello if I told war over well that's
solved in this got an impending and then
it brings us water in there and breaks
it up and hold off nothing to Benjamin
yes was fighting that and that breaks it
up into a fog see and now all that makes
it for that than woody with your
hydrogen on sea and closes the last dust
in it and it doesn't keep it from
falling and in the morning you're just
growing for food now here here's the
sixty-four-thousand-dollar question I
asked you this before word I want to ask
you then we on tape in my opinion this
is when the greatest discoveries of
mankind I think so why happening move
forward why was it was whitewater why
hadn't he got past you because people
not believe you are what rock it work
well have you done any more with it I
don't understand why you park the car
that's running is great with this great
well as not going to war with the
general public I explained taming them I
thought it already played that are you
got to be an engineer you got a deal on
your forensics you keep wrestling
morning why explain it to us well you
got all the radiation you got to keep
your ph pucker up on her if we can make
you Harbhajan then you do cos you gotta
do like trying to engineer on this
pathetic well there's so many different
findings are that you would say you've
done a little factory on the hood
there's just like a mine I'm working on
a podrace you got engineers in there you
got different people go to the other
place and you got to be at all you got
to do it all the drama is up to him to
get it all going to and keep it going to
got it yeah I don't know how a computer
works either and a jar of public
everything is convenient stuff they like
all the fool around you and look for
water everything they create going
somewhere and all right they want it
they want everything on today no one
they don't want to have to fool with
they will not fool with it now that doc
PHR will ask you for such marketing and
then and then then you got to put some
around fee how many no change yeah how
much that you say that after I seen
hydroxide retraction Hard Rock's run
like that yeah are you smarter yo yo yo
sexy p expert whale would you say Claire
play cut off well okay i just did this
enough to real to show that it would
work and those are the plane you were
laid on here
if you don't hear you could use it for
combustion see exactly Boston and reuse
your water please you can the lovely I
don't have my own for sailors bellies
he's got a patent on that I chose this
ever ah you gotta suck the sonesta month
for the size engine you don't you came
from the Cuba content and yeah now this
is a free or lose their life all right
you have one vote we have in the cottage
in convoys profane comments or are used
we want your garbage engine stopped you
say I am a paramedic upside down to keep
them not gonna hold on oil you I had
together adapter oh why how would you
just let that I don't have the cobbler
and but it would have stuck up up
they'll go I didn't know finish so I
happen to find a gal can afford it they
call it upside down he don't like he's
gonna knock Roxy you to get but but
you're not gonna have this phone and I
really like to retain even am you call
they wouldn't like the government
wouldn't let you use this thing this
thing right here wouldn't let you use
sleep you gotta get a clue my base
people right here walk on this to get
out on the road with did everyone do you
know this and then you go on
like hotter
why do you act
we're going to raise are we talking
about alpha rays gamma rays Vader at
what comes looking a radiation to get if
you're standing around it and it was
operating and you weren't on the shield
inside of it you get ill no EMF wave let
them drop a high-tension wires here
no no it's not that baby
get AIDS or something that way run
in point of to office I'm talking points
and review it Owens like a la 10 young
say even if this was possible the
government wouldn't want it because
there's no way to tax it you have to
make time on all of them yeah that was a
lotta good if you have a distributed at
a gas station don't have an inventory
control on it so they can have a tax
base or else it's not going to go you're
sweatin you say off dr. nollette when
they don't know
what about the taxes on this and I like
to draw this on the one and three Holt
icing on the fuel let me ask you this
question goes out Dominator do you
personally feel safe with it oh yeah
yeah I do it so you're saying okay so
you're saying I'm not just part of a
government won't let you do it because
of their perceived danger not crying but
you're not worried about a person no no
how she wouldn't be as healthy as you
are all the time he's been around them
and you do anything inside to the engine
it's all go to console you go so this is
really long gone it's kinda fun easy
yes the time and you use a basic propane
corporation system gases explained to me
that process right there again what are
you writing or estrogen and ready
elicits is ok you know it worked all
from the hobbit assistance ok send it
down Bonz on 12 ok will do it and you
can you change you that's right
direction it's a white point for a
vacancy in using electron into a
standing wave
it's like what you use to get cold
fusion assigning way there
they just continue enforcing if you just
use the oscillation that feels like
and the frequencies of life of sound in
what is waitresses will continue to
operate it's just you know we're
trusting she's YT old boy is coming
through a lead pestle what will in that
letter trust them you know we set off a
wave length of the standing wave see and
that's why you can take a course to cut
radio and now 45 you can't come and then
that will now they're not really because
you gotta stand and wait a second and
the same thing apart is setting up a
standing wave system and it runs right
through here from you animals we
carefully and then doc money the stories
wrong how does an hour and it just
pushes them got older the couch on his
feet up you
promise production so really except for
that one piece that you give away all
the component parts are here yeah yeah
so the bottom line here it works you
feel good about it yeah but one the
government wouldn't let it happen
because of taxes and safety the general
public i can use it i wouldn't use
because it was just just too complicated
and too far but not any site that simple
and rock or just like a little pressure
bell if it didn't work at the blow to
thunder and boil that doesn't make sense
to me the more all right let me review
this process we have to use ion eyes are
overrated water gets under pressure
pressurized system with sewing our
mouths and pressure gauges and so forth
yeah it goes into you to your specialty
design generator electronics unit which
uses the cathode and anode that's
somewhere during the process when it
goes from the anode to the cathode you
had radio distances well thought which
is a process that then makes that
hydrogen and iridium and you call out
with a war of in the earth they say you
call have blown away to run away little
dr. all the fuses you use is flora to
and making the total
no it's open someone threw a clone of
Timothy whatever they say issue issue
issue how bold is just talking it does
not reversing the spell moment on ever
automotive obvious of your heart region
on sand and goes within to the abuse of
the hell i got fifty nine years of
search working with cosmic rays and i
are gonna see and i were i specialize in
ionic see and I call him the turn with
ionic see and I started that 59 years
ago and how am I years of experience if
I hadn't had that I could have done this
yeah but I didn't intend to driving it
for but he got to working to running
everything I just kept on I gather this
language now 15 years old when I put it
on here no more wet bubbly
yeah if you all a lot so you know what
puzzles anything and use all the heat
goes out he goes out put out it's
awesome you and then you do up a foot
wash up Selah these are putting show
them up for the leg on the flesh of it
and I'll keep these mobile first bounty
and look they'll come out through this
left side that hole wrecker and come
right up to the standard pocket and then
right back down on the leaf there right
back into the system and that is almost
so cool in this and keeping that down
below a hundred related blues guitar
keep it coming ball and keeping you your
work bobbled if you don't it'll just go
all up there and he don't get too
personal and they'll get right in your
heart of your session and your another
thing yeah if it turns up it's a lot is
their home rates on them oh yeah and
it gets up in that oh oh you are wrong
everything it's like warrants sugar and
gas back take a five no fun oh you got
on going on but anything else you want
else touches in here we're ever loved in
it that's what the Schalke inherited the
key up you know get on a water
bubble yeah we get you through it in
right and his whole heart now that night
sweet ladies we headin this way maybe
Lincoln all when you just have to almost
build another and you got all kind of
phone the blood answer later known in
you guys check that one out in the
building only 100 rebuild them this is
an experimental and tell for just one
way to put on the map I didn't intend to
keep driving all I want to do it just
approval and I'll kept on getting the
ball girl how awful I felt autism I'm
not morning it was doing good boy
started off all right alderman no those
are going on him years old Herman says
in the interview that you gave the high
voltage part of his system to a doll
Brisby we caught up with Donald earlier
this year and videotaped interview with
him about the application of the high
voltage device to his chamber which is
different from Herman's but the high
voltage application is similar hope you
enjoy so how did your high voltage get
into your electrodes in I had an
extension why that ran around the whole
unit to give it to radiation but the lie
that ran through that went round and
round the whole unit there you won't see
it there because it ran around the unit
in other words did it go just around
this drum here or what yeah replica
around the job signika well the same
wire that came off of the co well I just
put an extension on it and ran around
there so that radiation would go right
through the year and then how often was
the coil fired what I had was an extra
distributor I had an extra distributor
that had bukola that furnished the
policy this had been 20 years ago sir
yeah it furnishes the extra current that
I put on the on the anode over here who
they note meaning positive or negative
it was positive and every time that that
thing turned over it kicked eight pulses
in there and you had the same time
had motor running fast enough that you
were getting the continuous pulse going
to the positive wire going into the
plaza royal now was this positive we're
also hooked up to the battery positive
or was it just hooked up to that to that
distributor well it's all the same
because the coal ran to the distributor
the secondary distributor and then Trent
to that a node there and so what you had
was the regular 12-volt battery over
here plus the 70,000 so you did have the
12 volts also here yeah okay and there
was no feedback of that 70,000 volts
going to head out I had a dialed in
there I say the typical going back yes
that sent me thousand volts ran not
directly to this but it ran through a
spark I had a spark that means that the
12-volt without lamps on the battery
can't go back up to spark but the high
voltage can go me on the low okay and so
what I did I got high amperage and high
voltage because i use the spark so you
had a jump I headed Joan so that you
couldn't go backwards on its or you
wouldn't go backwards that's right and
you didn't have it do that inside the
chamber but outside the child prior to
connecting this and that gave you gas
production sufficient to idle this truck
oh sure so you were running that extra
distributor using a fan motor on the
preview it yeah same same thing is you
family losing did you have to change the
RPMs of it work just it really didn't
matter it wasn't that exactly all I
won't do is post the current then all
the eight wires fit into the same
Junction on the thing which gives you a
pulse a DC pulse eight times whatever
thou RPM is and hey it works fine
Willard Elliot is a retired electronics
engineer from Canada who recently paid a
visit to the museum and was willing to
offer his comments on the high voltage
part Herman system nope Chris be
constructed this to run his Ford truck
odd electrolyzed water this is what's
called a flip-flop it has three two and
thirty 55 transistors as a diode and it
has three capacitors and three resistors
and as we have it analyzed the circuit
we aren't sure exactly what it is
because of the touchy order to adjust
the frequency of the flip-flop now this
year that drives this this is a very
large heavy current silicon controlled
rectifier and it switches on and off I'm
having current to the electrolyzer from
the battery and by using these two years
together you can't create an odd type in
an off time of the current in the
electrolyzer and it's my understanding
that he uses a seventy thousand volt
spark coil which is Raptor of the
electrolyzer and it is connected in such
a way that it operates of the water with
this seller controlled rectifier opens
so you can high voltage low volt I
voltage low voltage alternating by this
flip-flop and that's apparently gave him
enough gas to idle his car and the gas
was completely generated by the
alternator on his car it did not however
have enough power to move the car it was
just idling and just barely able to
write if you open the butterfly valve to
trade speed it up it would stall so
that's what this unit is and it could be
replaced now with what components
although Adaeze you would use a power
mosfet vistas of this tile and this
circuit D here could be done with a 555
timer chip it suitable driving
transistors should drive a MOSFET
so it is not as hard to do today as it
was in nineteen eighty when Donald got
this but what about the air gap that he
used well the air gap was the where they
sparked the the 70,000 volts park wit to
the water when this was turned off so
the 70,000 volts park went through an
air gap to the two terminals on the
electrolyzer it was also wrapped around
the electrolyzer so you got both
magnetic and plasma effect from that
that arc of the spark so he was passing
the arc through his chamber the ark was
not in the chamber was external to the
chamber but its effect was going into
chamber no danger of exploding that
hydrogen gas in the chamber by that but
the fact it's outside it would not
contact any of the gas well if you're a
discharge inside your electrolyzer it
would be destroyed by the explosion so
the only energy inside the chamber was
12 volts from the alternator yes
provided by this diode and when the diet
wasn't closed the voltage from the spark
plug of that arc also flowed through the
electrolyzer well the voltage would
probably still be 12 volts but it's a
fill in the period when this flip-flop
was off and the
there would be sub spike put on the
water by the fact that the spark flashed
through the gap that was external and it
would the plasma there would create some
effect on the water itself
and so the purpose of the gap it's just
through all the spark plug coil to work
because if you don't have a gap you're
sure to get up and you will get any
current or any spark you have to have
adequate the spark area similar to you
having a spark plug so you could be
achieving the radiolysis that herman
aniston speaks out by using this kind of
discharge of what he calls a corona
discharge I guess some people would call
that radiologist it's really just a
spark between two contexts an open air
spark except that you're wrapping the
cylinder the chamber electrolyte a bar
plug wires wrapped around the chamber so
the courage of that spark also produces
a magnetic field in the fluid but simply
having a long spark plug wire wrapped
around the chamber would cause the
causes of magnetic effect so you
basically want to wrap a spark plug wire
around a chamber and terminate it with a
spark plug baby just taped or strap I
don't say you want to do that but that's
what Donald Brisby did and it appeared
to work so the end of the line is the
spark plug and in between the spark plug
on the coil you wrap it around the
chambers that the idea we hope you
enjoyed this investigative effort to
find out exactly how Herman's car
operated and we hope that it inspires
others to make similar progress they
turned water into fuel