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Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on Today at 14:21:09 »
The resistor was Burned so it was not interference so it’s a good news too as at least the Vic burn something now

Today I’m staying the big coils soon I post some photo
Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on Yesterday at 19:06:44 »
The transformer works really great

It simply puts out the power now very efficiently

The regenerative snubber worked perfectly with 20nf on it now the snubber itself don’t even get hot

The clamp coil is set to its maximum turns so I can also reduce with the Taps that make the peak caused by the capacitor to be sharper and higher

Here is a drawing of it

I could pulse up to 150w with half the power

And I mean all this goe to the load probably 95% or higher efficient because there was any heat anywhere only the bifilar got hot

So finally with power in hands we can do some magic

I didnt counted the Turns much precisely

But seem I get 1:5 or 1:10 if I connect the secondary in paralllel or series respectively

One thing that is interesting is that if they are in parallle and they are slightly different in voltage one will be acting slightly as a load to the other making some current flow

However its current induce on the other secondary an even higher voltage

It’s a kind of feedback  so actually it should not really consume much power

I think that could do something

There was a 120ohm resistor on the secondary too! So it was probably taking some of the power too during pulse on

Obs on this drawing there is omitted the diode that is in parallel with the igbt (it’s already inside the igbt packed)

I hope you don’t get me wrong but I feel like I found a very important thing that is the coil really need to be make in this way to get power out

When Stan places in his drawing that dual primary coil on fig 6.1 I think he is using it like this or simply as a forwardconverte with a diode like I was doing before … however this way of using it as regenerative snubber seems a much better way to get the real juice on the load and with efficiency

Basically all the power was going out very few magnetizing current with open circuit

That would be because the primary is farther as possible from the core right in the middle of the coil

So the secondary and the chokes get most of it coupling with the core before the primary

Also the choice to use it as CI reduced the unused core length

Now my ideas are to test with some more pure water

Increase the gap on the transformer and see if I can get more juice out of it by reducing its output impedance

And lastly

I’m planing on making some big bifilar coil with that same wire but now on the core and make the primary over it and the secondary shorted on one of the coils to make current flow and I want to see if I can get any restriction of amps and increase in voltage in that configuration

I will probably do in two coils being the bifilar at the bottom belowe the primaries and having a secondary over each coil

So one of the secondaries should be shorted with the bifilar coils and the other pass thru the bifilar other coil and goe to the cell

Maybe a capacitor close the other circuit so it can resonate

Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on Yesterday at 13:48:52 »
I will make another live now with the new transformer on the bifilar coil and showing how I’m doing the coils

If you want to make comments will be nice to have a talk with who’s interested…

I will be answering or try to answer your questions

Hope we get somewhere

Stay tune for the time may be around mid day in Brazil

Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on Yesterday at 02:32:46 »
I finally decided how I’m going to do the coils

I’m printing some more pieces to directly hold the acrylic tube on the coil Machine

Also a ring that will make the lenght adjustable

And also separators to slide in once each coil is ready

The coil will have 25mm diameter inside and outside 60mm

Than I will try to make 50turns per layer till the end

The idea is to limit the voltage difference per layer after all if I put 5kv on a coil having 2500 turns its 2v per turn times 50 would be 200v difference between the layers ends

Make six of this with separator having 3mm thick

They may be connected in parallel or series but I plan parallel

What is important is the wire diameter the finer the greater will be the efficiency of the magnetic field being generated

But once the wire is selected adding them in series or parallle is indiferente because what is important is current times voltage for power

Above them there must be another coil with a single layer and can be a even finer wire because will not be in resonance

This coils should cancel the other coils voltage like the bifilar would do for the feedback of water signal be possible to be extracted cleaned

I think with this amount of magnetic fields will be easier to get pressure waves feedback

Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on May 25, 2024, 06:09:14 am »
What’s is most important from all this is that

Meyer transformer that was found was not the real deal

It could have being done by someone trying to replicate his work already if not him self to mislead we all

I say this because that transformer was not capable of putnot even 5watts out making an educated guess

I can say that with some confidence after so many years testing and specially from my recent tests where simply the energy was not being capable of pass thru the core of the coils are not very close together

So the Vic with all those coils That was only conceptual not real !

Something else is the switching

Where he didn’t actually show any good way to have the high voltage on the switch

So basically we shouldn’t believe 50% of what was found after 1998

I was discussing last night my theory with a friend here for the first time and for him was very plausible that meyer hidden the key concepts for him self

In my opinion meyer didn’t make it out to the world because it was too dangerous to use and so he wanted to perfect the injector idea and this is the biggest mistake a businessman can do that is to mind how your tech will be used!

Of course he wouldn’t like seeing people bombing each other with the technology so he seem to wanted to make it punctual by his injector minification

Investors may have disliked

Anyway the real point when you do what a real device need to work you will come to this

A transformer need to work

It need to adapt the voltage in to the desired output .

I will post a new video pushing the bifilar to its limit now with the new transformer

Let’s see how much it takes for it to fey

Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on May 24, 2024, 15:56:54 pm »
Work perfectly! Is very very useful to get the coil done fast and perfect!

I’m doing a secondary coil having 240 turns of 24awg

With 45 turns of 18awg on top of it as primary coil

Than another 45 turn coil over it to work as the clamp coil on the regenerative snubber part

It will have maybe 4 taps so I can select the level of collapsing voltage

On top of the primaries goes anothe portion of secondary coil to maximize the coupling being connected on series or paralllel with the one wound below the primary

On top of that goes a single layer forming the charging choke

I will be pushing 150v volts in so with the two secondaries 5:1 I may be able to get 1500v at maybe 500w

Hope to be able to at least fry the bifilar coil

Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on May 23, 2024, 22:34:14 pm »
Im  able to make coils with very nice precision now

I created some macros to wind to the right or left

And wind ten coils to the right or left

Or unwind to the right or t the left

Very simple very easy to use

The step I made according with the wire diameter

In the case of the video is ,56 mm step

I kind of reduced the acceleration enough to get a nice fluid movente

I’m happy that worked at least for now

It may be very helpful
Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on May 23, 2024, 01:43:47 am »
I just finished the coil machine it’s already with wire in ready to go

I just don’t have much of a clue how to do it

The fluidnc seems to have many configurations

I need to make some kind of comanda to use it

General Discussion / hydrogen sounds like key E and color Yellow
« Last post by Login to see usernames on May 22, 2024, 23:22:25 pm »
watch this
Sebosfato / Re: My new approach
« Last post by Login to see usernames on May 22, 2024, 12:44:21 pm »
I just did some tests with the lrc meter to find the leakage inductance and basically it seem the position in the core has a great effect on it

Also the turn ratio have an effect on coupling and leakage inductance

With that in mind now I’m making a new design using the cooling machine to make it really fast hopefully

The secondary may be wound first with 150 turns and than the primary with 50 turn

At full volts in this should give 450v to the coil

Having the chokes wound over the primary with another 50 turns may help

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