Author Topic: is this guy bad news for stans dune buggy or is he trying to tell us somthing?  (Read 6700 times)

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I am Slick; There is this deal, An Agreement to see the car, You are trusted to Photo certain areas of the car and keep the photos to yourself. If it is found that photos, or information is free sourced Nobody will have rights to see the car again.

When the owner finds out that a trusted person is revealing things on the interent, Nobody will be allowed to view the car. It's a trust issue. The owners don't really get on the internet, However if the owner knew the photos was getting shared nobody would be allowed to view it again. The owner does not know anything about technology they are just lucky to have the car and they think it is worth millions, Greed. These people think they have For example, a 78 Convertable King Cobra, And they want the Full amount for the car, Millions. The car will Rot until they get what they want, Or they realize its not worth what they think it is. The Jacket has nothing to do with the car at all, Thats silly.

To Further Fulfill you, The guy's that visited the car didn't really learn anything of value, And had little time to photo or document anything well. Nothing was gained but a few photos that really doesn't help anything at all.

So the guy's visiting the car, They don't know anything more that what you or I know. Its a real buggy that does nothing, Where visiting it gives nothing. It has Fraud written all over it. Nobody can get the car running. There is nothing more to learn, If you had the car in your drive way, you would gain nothing. If there is a secret, having the car will not reveal it.

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Please give them a message from me Slick:

"Stick your F'ing car up your F'ing arse"