Author Topic: On to a new project!!! I'm done with Stan's!!!  (Read 12428 times)

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Re: On to a new project!!! I'm done with Stan's!!!
« Reply #16 on: July 31, 2010, 02:14:54 am »

I'm ordering some cystals to try and build the oscillator circuit for the HEED device.  More learning... answer your question, the section [0031] of the patent by Deyo states "uses a parallel tuned circuit to access a wide range of frequencies usually to be found in the range of 4.5 to 7mhz.  This range of encompasses the major, naturally-occuring, resonant frequencies found in the ionisphere.

I've not given up on watergas but have hit a plateau...  my latest system I've built uses a variac fed into a 110/220 step up tranny, full rectified with 10 330uf capacitors for smoothing then chopped by a irfbc40- super fast mosfet and into a 4" iron powder donut and is followed by a superfast 1200v DSEP12-12B diode, then into the .40mm gapped 318L plate cells, no chokes, distilled

running at 350 volts and 3/4 amp it makes 1/2 lpm, numerous gating and pulse combinations have been tried...

it seems to me that with all the freq sweeping and gating combinations everyone is trying that somebody should see at least see a gush of gas if even for a moment, but I've never heard any remarks to that posted online