Author Topic: harvesting back EMF / RESONANCE  (Read 6671 times)

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harvesting back EMF / RESONANCE
« on: December 30, 2008, 16:19:35 pm »
Well while thinking about this harvesting issue and following the resonance effects for every one to share on the OU forum Groundloop came up with the design of channeling the BEMF to the source to see once we reach resonance if we can charge the battery that is the source . first design was posted was only to give another member an H bridge a flip flop so while he was experimenting on how to reach resonance made many discoveries so groudloop decided to upgrade the design and now it is under construction see by your self :

here is an explanation from groundloop:
Now let us see what happens when we start pulsing the coil. First we connect the coil to plus and minus one way by closing
two of the transistors. The coil will charge up. It is like compressing a spring. Then we open the two transistors and the coil
will decompress and release its energy. But since the transistors are off now the coil is not loaded and can decompress much
more. This will give a higher voltage than we initially provided to the coil. Where does this voltage go? It has only one path to go
and that is via one top diode and one bottom diode. This will charge up the capacitor (and the connected battery). Now we time
the next transistor switch on (this is the resonant part) in such a way that we only fill up with energy when the coil has bunched
back to a reversed polarity state and has reached its top potential. This way we do not need to fully charge the coil since we just
refill the lost energy. When the transistors open again, then the coil will stretch the other way giving out the high bemf voltage
via the two other diodes and back to the capacitor. Then we repeat the process. The timing of the switch on and switch off
is controlled by the micro controller IC so that there is a small pause between the switching that allow the coil to be totally
disconnected from the capacitor (and battery). This will allow the coil to reach its maximum peak voltage between each pulse.

I hope I have explained this good enough.

so what this will do well will see i intend to connect this in parallel to my fuel cell .
will keep you posted on this .
Happy new year 2009


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Re: harvesting back EMF / RESONANCE
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2008, 22:21:22 pm »
Well done!
Looking good, mr. Najman.
I like what i see here!

Please keep us up to date with your results on this.

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Re: harvesting back EMF / RESONANCE
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2010, 01:22:59 am »
Hey guys, why not take a look at this circuit and experment with it.  I usually experment myself but work has me tied up for about 6 months.
This circuit creates a reverse polarity pulse to the electrodes when the pulse ends.  Don't worry about compoent values, just look at the circuit configuration.
I know a simple series circuit would do the same thing but then power is wasted in the coil.
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