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« on: December 14, 2008, 23:17:10 pm »
So this is my project , this coil right here ....

Its a special coil , doesnt rely on resonance or high Q or whatever you thought the VIC was ... Seems like its important since chapter 6,7,8 are all dedicated to this coil and Hybrids of this design...

This is Stan's "full engineering VIC" that was used for the retrofit system ... Theres a whole speech dedicated to this coil and the "law of economics" , i'm happy to be making this .

You are all welcomed to make this things with me , contact me if you need some wire and wanna know where to get good supplies and stuff like that ...

This is a key video , extremely important to understand every single sentence and what is meant . Those that understand these concepts and know how to apply them will see success...

I am starting to seriously understand what is meant to happen here , I was inspired by some of stan's designs and designed a certain coil that could be meant for this application , it offers some type of  "electron kickback" and is 100% non-voltage . I know now exactly what is happening on a physical level what the stacked hydrogen gun is all about.

I have put aside the idea of "longitudinal scalar waves" for now , it could always be possible and certainly matches  aspects of the water fuel cell technology . But it seems that the Aharonov–Bohm effect is present in both technologies , I believe it is simply a common ground  that both technologies share ...

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