Author Topic: Impedance matching circuit  (Read 6285 times)

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Re: Impedance matching circuit
« Reply #8 on: October 26, 2008, 18:56:36 pm »
Its now clear to many people that the amp-flow is limited by electro magnetic means , the balance of both electromagnetic fields seems to be very important , for the instant explosion and for efficient electrolysis..

This leads to conclude that nobody has ever replicated Stans work properly , nobody has ever went into his technique of *impedance* matching.

We need to get get past this ridiculous mindset of noob questions and noob hypothesis and interpretations and start studying the meyers papers properly and try to understand what we dont understand.

Theres not nearly enough proper studying of Stans words around here , its like everybody is improvising based on the posts of other people w/o knowing shit about physic or electronics and somehow expecting things to be easy...