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Re: patent 5,149,407
« Reply #8 on: September 19, 2008, 19:05:52 pm »
That steam resonator is a well engineered piece of machinery.  It looks a lot different inside than I thought it would.  I thought the center was hollow, so that the steam could get ionized there.  There may be a cap hiding the opening from our view also.  I hope the chap who has been getting us the pictures will be able to get some more.  The puzzle is unraveling slowly.  Thanks everyone for sharing.

please read what i has nothing to do with ionizing anything!!! it just attracts the water molecule (the whole h2o compound) to one side of the steam resonartor then back to the other side view polarity the water moves back and forth real fast creating kinetic energy and thus warming the ionization of anything at all....please read waht i wrote....there are no more mysteries once you read everything.....all weneed to know is how the electron extraction circuit works.....just take hte time to break down the technical brief it's all right there!!!! please i actually understand this now!...everything makes perfect sense.