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Wire Selection For WFC Tubesets
« on: August 03, 2008, 00:29:58 am »
I've been experimenting with different connections and different wire for the tubesets within the WFC.  I found that the stainless wire and/or stainless threaded rod was a lot less conductive than was the copper wire and/or threaded  copper rod.  My tubes perform a lot better if I use either copper wire connections and/or threaded copper rod. 

I was looking at the new Ravii pdf file just out from Panocea University, and Ravii was using the copper wire also.  He was insulating his connections with a high temperature automotive type sealant and then had all his wires insulated within plastic tubing.

I find that when I insulate my inner tube on the inside and my outer tube on the outside that my gas production is much better.  Initially I was only experimenting with one tube set, and then when I added two extra tubesets, things were a lot different.  What I mean to say is that when I started adding other tube sets to the equation it became obvious that I couldn't afford to have any voltage leaks anywhere and that I also needed the most conductive material for wiring in my tube sets.  My gas prodution declined by 50% at least when I added the two extra tube sets initially.  Initially the inner and outer tubes were not insulated and I was wiring all my negative connections together and all my positive connections together.  I'm not ready to show any pics but I will show some soon.  I'm operating at 12.2 vdc off a variac with a full bridge rectifier with no diodes; no circuit; and no chokes.