Author Topic: Expedient Way To Make Connections to Anode & Cathode of Tube Sets Query  (Read 3712 times)

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I'm looking for an expedient way to make my electrical connections to the iinner and outer cylinders of my tube sets.  I don't have a tig welder, so in lieu of welding my leads onto the tubes, I need to drill and tap the inner and outer tubes.   I'm not exactly sure what design format I want to use.  I do want my tube sets to be even at the top for the time being.  So, I could have my inner tube projecting below my outer tube at the bottom of the tube sets.  Does anyone have a good tried and proven method they'd be willing to share.  Pics would be helpful.

Also, the last time I tried to run multiple tube sets I had a problem with not enough voltage to each individual tube set.  Does anyone have a design remedy for this they'd be willing to share with me. 

Thanks in advance!!

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Thanks Steve.