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Re: Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!
« Reply #40 on: June 27, 2008, 03:12:28 am »
New Idea for a pulse circuit. PWM into a 10Khz tuned series resonant L/C circuit to ground. Gated off for +-400usec. Take off where l1 and c1 connect. take that to one leg of a step-up xformer into a full wave bridge. This should give you the ramping pulse train. Then put your WFC across that. I tried this in a simulation and the circuit seemed to work.
I am thinking that with this circuit this way you are creating a separate resonant circuit and you are taking the dynamic Capacitance value of the WFC out of the equation. so now you have a stable resonant circuit. Therefor no need for the PLL circuit. I don't know if this will work. I have not thought it all the way through yet.  This was with 5V out of the PWM and over 2 Kv to the cell. The step charge on the scope looked more like meyer's.


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Re: Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!
« Reply #41 on: June 27, 2008, 06:02:59 am »

i am mostly a gearhead, old school muscle cars. LOTS!!, of experience here. figured u like to know that back in the day, 60's 70's & early 80's holley & edlebroc made water injection kit for your car. now the turbo guys and forced induction guys use a dfferent form of this called, water meth. ...ring a bell? anyway the process is the same as what u were just talking about. the water absorbs the otherwise wasted heat and puts it to use. water expands over 1700 times it's volume when it turns to steam. nice extra help here pushing down the piston, huh??

point well taken of ur explanation of the Japanese. y waste the heat if u can further use it, just by adding a little water!

i use a little water injection on my cars and especially on my race engines ;) it works well!!

just rambling,


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Re: Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!
« Reply #42 on: June 27, 2008, 06:35:04 am »
I agree with h20power's comments on here, nearly every one he's made in the last several months I have read....

The secret to Stan Meyer's work (for the most part) is all outlined in his tech brief,. (Although using the physics formula's for hydrogen atom photon absorbtion I don't understand how he says visible light can excite and even ionize the hydrogen atom, It takes photon energy in the extreme Ultra-Violet to soft x ray wavelength to do that, which is nothing near the visible range)

The funny thing I find here, on all the forums regarding Stan Meyer's and other's related work is that people are expecting to find an easy answer on the internet through forums.....There's people on every forum trying to steer you in any direction which is not the right one, and the people who know and understand things are given much critique and critism until they reach the breaking point and give up.

For those of you who want to find out the secret to stan meyer's work and have a successful replication, you need to first step away from the computer and all the forums which provide you with an endless amount of entrapment, and .....

GO AND DO THE RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN, First things first, go to your library and get books on a particular meyer subject:
1. The vic coil & oscillating circuit
2.The hydrogen fracturing process

I recommend studing only one at a time as there's much to be learned.....

For me I found the following books very helpful:

 Understanding Oscillators by Irving M. Gottlieb

 Read the following parts of this book!

Page 17- Resonance in a series-tuned LC circuit

Page 18 L/C ratio in tank circuits

Page 30- resonant cavities

Page 90-the electron beam in a vacuum
Page 91- the magnetron

Page 94-bunching of electrons returning to cavity grids

Page 216- 4046 VCO PLL with 50% duty cycle and 0Hz-10KHz frequency range

Get books on the hydrogen atom which many are available at your local library....

And one book which is a must have (which you'll probably have to buy)


This book will cost you a pretty penny but is worth it's weight in gold as it explains how to build high voltage transformers , inductors and how to build them to resonate at a certain frequency, inductance value etc...

If you want to learn about the hydrogen fracturing process (i.e. Hydrogen Gas Gun)

Study the following:

-Particle accelerators

-Vacuum tubes (like the ones used in old radio's and televisions) They have many similaraties to the hydrogen gas gun which are quite obvious when you study them.

-Electron gun

-Cathode ray tube

-Gas lasers

The secret is that there's really not much of a secret, sure some things are quite confusing for the average person which has little knowledge of electricity, physics and the like but to someone who has the knowledge it's quite easy to understand. So educate yourself as I stated above, research the topics and read the books above and you will have a much better understanding of it all, and you just might be able to build a very successful replication!!!!


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Re: Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!
« Reply #43 on: June 27, 2008, 07:23:58 am »
Thanks for the resources HMS.  I will look up those books and learn what I can.

I think that there are a lot of us who just need to be pointed in the right direction.  With all the forums you have hundreds of different people all at different levels of knowledge and experience.  When I started researching this topic about a month and a half ago, I had no idea what a VIC was, or what any electronic part was. I went to Barn's and Noble and picked up a college level electronics book and read the first 150 pages (I have a ways to go yet) and now can at least understand the basics of electricity and how it works as well as learning all the parts of a circuit and how they work.

Personally, I would like there to be an easy answer on a forum, it would be so easy! However, I don't expect it.  I learn what I can from more 'experienced'  people and use the resources given.  I've already priced the books you mentioned and will see if my local Library has them, if not, I will just have to buy them.

I am waiting for parts to get shipped, so its more studying for me :)  My favorite!

Oh yeah, I did see that had the links for JNL labs page, too.

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Re: Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!
« Reply #44 on: June 27, 2008, 15:27:52 pm »
I am more than happy to provide resources.

The truth is that every person'c cell will be different, so a firm set of instructions is hard to write up unless you start will the cell design, and even then you have the contamints in the water (Which varies from town to town) and so on which will change the charastics of the requirements..........

That is why I will provide resources instead....I myself learned much of the things I'm sharing in the last several weeks after visiting the library and purchaseing books online....

More about the hydrogen gas gun:

Since we all have access to the internet, is a great place to start, research the following on wikipedia and note their similaraties:

-Cathode Ray Tube

-Electron Gun

-Ion Gun

-Particle accelerator

-Vacuum Tubes

All use Vacuum, High voltage, etc, and a few of them even create light (Photon energy) which is in the Extreme UV to Soft X ray range, These ranges can bring the hydrogen electron out of it's Ground state (n=1) to an excited state (N=2).

Page 10-5 (Optical Thermal Lens)  in Meyer's tech Brief talk about Vacuum and high voltage.
Page 10-10 shows a diagram in which light energy (called Coherent energy wave output on the page) escapes the tube. If you study atom's and photon emission and absorbtion you can see here that light is emitted from the hydrogen atom because the hydrogen atom has decreased in it's energy state (increasing in energy state=Photon absorbtion) (Decreasing in energy state=photon emission)

Also on page 10-12 of the tech brief is a simple drawing of the VIC coil, here you can see that the VIC coil is wound in a stacked pancake style. If it were not built this way there would be some serious arcing and shorting problems in the VIC coil. So, to keep the voltage's from arcing together the voltages are split up into smaller groups (In meyer's case a stacked pancake style) to the point where they no longer have enough potental to arc and cause problems.

Also be sure to study the Lyman series and the Bohr model as well as other related hydrogen atom fromulas for excitation of the hydrogen atom as well as the emission and absorbtion of such. (Wikipedia is a good quick resource for the above information)

there you have it...Lesson # 2

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Re: Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!
« Reply #45 on: June 27, 2008, 16:10:28 pm »
H2o and HMS-776 and Z and all others,

Is it a good idea to start a new chapter/topic on these very good teaching idea's?
I was hoping here to continue on the JNL publications.
Let me know what you guys think of my proposal.

Steve ;)

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Re: Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!
« Reply #46 on: June 28, 2008, 03:01:24 am »
The laser is not a requirement for the system to run on a car....

The laser just makes the process much, much more efficient.

The laser (hydrogen gas gun) allows your 'Water mileage' to be significantly increased..As we all know it takes quite a bit of hydrogen at it's ground state (unexcited state) to run a car, a typical 4 cylinder engine would require about 80-100 liters per minute and possibly more. But if we ionize the hydrogen atom we get much more energy and more heat. To combat this we use exhaust gas recirculation which includes non combustable gasses and water mist when metered correctly has the ability to make the hydrogen gas burn exactly as gasoline would. Meyer was a smart man, wasen't he?

H2Opower, I guess I'll have to look into this Victor guy you speak of....

Steevie-Sure......But don't expect me around here long....I will go when my time comes............................................ ..............

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Re: Stan Meyer cracked by JNaudin!!!!
« Reply #47 on: June 28, 2008, 10:48:47 am »

I know that JL is working on an improved setup and that he will publishe his results.
Coming week, i will have my own replication of his work  and hope to have a startingpoint for developing this technology.
For me, it will be the first time of seeing hydrogen with an insulated innertube. Electrolysis is an chemical proces.
As far as i can see,  is that JL  / Stan Meyer proces a not chemical one. I have always wanted to see that proces in action.
Simple. It seems to be Over Unity. Not  a little bit, but  very much OU.
Ok, i know. First we need numbers. And to get numbers, we first have to make a working setup.

I agree on yr theory about the amount of hydrogen we need, when the gas is in its lower energy state.
We have here a topic on that.,407.0.html
I have still on my lab a LEDS device for energizing the gas with specific frequencys.
Its not finished, yet. First i ll go for the JL replication. Then i will continue on that part.