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Free Room Heat And Hot Water
« on: March 11, 2024, 21:23:23 pm »
In Rochester, N.Y. many years back, the basement of a house was heated for free. Man had windmill on roof, with rotating shaft going down through attic, through downstairs closet into cellar to bearing mount. The shaft had a pulley that was self turning, a hydraulic pump by belt. There was a large truck radiator and hoses filled with hydraulic oil. JUST by flowing the oil in a circle , caused the radiator to get hot. A thermostat turned on a fan blowing hot air into the room. The main shaft went through a car wheel drum with  brake shoes, so as very high winds causes the shaft to slow down to prevent damage.

Man, many years back, had free hot water for 10 years. When the large INSULATED water tank in the cellar burst a leak, he shut it down and purchased an electric hot water heater with higher electric bills. The cellar old style coal furnace was always before, burning wood for house heat. Later he drilled 2 large holes in the side of the level fire pot, and installed curve  shaped large dimension copper pipe from inside to outside. After sealing with furnace cement, the pipe ends connected to top and bottom of a full height water tank. JUST by normal circulation of hot water out to cold water entering the curved  shape tube, that was self flowing. (no pump)  3 baths, wash dishes, -- never ran out of hot water! - (The fire pot kept the copper curved shaped pipe always hot)