Author Topic: Water To Alcohol With Coal Chemical catalyst Ran Engines 1935.  (Read 301 times)

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Guido Franch stole the formula for coal powder to alcohol from his roommate,- a German chemist immigrant from WW2. When the German died, he offered formula for sale to 2 large US companies. They didn't pay the Millions of dollars. . Back at that time period of 1935, the final cost would have been 5 cents per gallon of the final alcohol. Several types of engines were ran on the alcohol. (Motorcycle, tractor, cars, truck, lawn mower, etc.) The bench set up was about nitric and sulfuric acid mixed with fine coal powder , and silver compound used in photography. The heated mixture formed greenish/blue material on upper surface. The material is scraped off and dried into a CATALYST powder. It was photosensitive and must be kept in dark container. One teaspoon of the greenish/blue powder was added to gallon of water. The container has bubbles release, and when settled, can be used as cheap alcohol fuel for engines.

You guys should be watching the 1949 comedy movie that's REALLY BASED on this earlier true story invention. It had 3 names, but the final was - "Free For All" with Bob Cummings 1949. Man shows 2 demonstrations - pill in water makes cheap fuel running engines, and is chased by oil company executives. The movie may be on Youtube video. I purchased 2 copies as being one of my favorites. Don't forget to watch this!       See also the movie called "The Water Engine" - a dark drama to influence people away from alternate energy Hydrogen.