Author Topic: John Keely - late 1800's Made Efficient Hydrogen Gas From Water!  (Read 286 times)

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"Keely And His Discoveries" - book, among many others, shows progression of 114 devices built from 1865-1899.  His bench top array of tuning forks transmitted vibrations of resonance and harmonic ratios of frequencies through series connected differing metals wires. We nowadays call them thermocouples and thermopiles of silver, gold, and platinum. The ratio of thirds harmonics easily caused dissociation of water molecules in test chamber vibrated. A new, cheap fuel was not needed in the 1800's. His Patent application was on the self powered rotational free energy hydraulic motor that had 4 way rotary SHOCK valve. It had inherently built in WATER HAMMER pressure as 50lbs. The output flywheel with eccentric crank was sawing wood for demonstrations.A similar design was duplicated years back in an Africa workshop. He was also the first scientist to come up with the notion of minute particles in physics as QUARKS. The subdivision of matter in thirds , - 3,6,9, was his first,------not Tesla. Tesla didn't like Keely, as Keely received way more investment monies than he did.
 Research DATES for yourself with Keely reference books. Costs on these are going up. See also S.V.P.-  Mr. Pond sells reprints.