Author Topic: Hydrogen Related Auto Engine Conversions And Other data  (Read 337 times)

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Hydrogen Related Auto Engine Conversions And Other data
« on: November 04, 2023, 21:17:46 pm »
Conversion Nitrogen Hydroxide  fuel --     You Tube video   
High voltage screen grid in air cleaner hooked to  12v air pump going into water cell electrolysis with electrolyte ions flow. Air is 78% Nitrogen gas.

Archie Blue US Patent --  4,124,463     (He fills up at a faucet instead of a gas pump) Water power, and The Car That Runs On water- old newspaper articles.

A very long time ago I sold some 58 page folders of hydrogen related data that was collected + old newspaper reprints on water engines conversions called --Secrets Of Water Fuel And How They Work. I only sold 23 copies. Nobody is interested in alternate energy. They just love buying gasoline and fuel oil and paying those huge electric bills! Just because you are involved in certain subject matter, doesn't mean most other people are interested.
I also sold many booklets on how, many methods,  to reduce home electric bill by 50%. After a while, I tried it myself. - And yes it did.After several years the power company trucks showed up and changed everyone's outside meter reader. This quit the people who were attaching magnets to stop the revolving magnetic disc. It is now aluminum alloy.