Author Topic: Solid State Cat Wisker Germanium Amplifing Transistor Not Invented By Bell Labs.  (Read 1038 times)

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The firm was claimed to be well known as inventing and being instrumental of infusing use of transistors on the market. In 1950, there was an appointment at their location to view an energy device as shown called the R E . The inventor was Dr. Henry Moray senior. A sub assembly section of this, was his homemade amplifying device called the Moray Valve. The earlier dated and signed documents of it's hand assembly is contained in the book published by his son called - The Sea Of Energy In Which The Earth Floats. See for yourself. The whole R E machine was $50,000 dollars as built at that time. It was self running by use of radioactive components in the cold cathode tubes. An antenna picked up cosmic high frequencies that were stepped down and amplified with his transistors. Electrical loads as BANKS of light bulbs were shown working. The Morays were not given credit.

On a side note, the integrated circuit put on market was not invented by the American Computer Company. They did not apply for a US Patent as they openly stated the original broken piece studied under microscope and rebuilt - duplicated, had come from a crate of signed for/ censored parts borrowed from Bell labs. You know where they originally came from-- 1949 Roswell.

The man who invented the automotive circuit for intermittent windshield wipers had way less funds to protect it as his invention in the court system. The large auto firms took it over and installed the same system in most of our automobiles.