Author Topic: self running free energy "Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor  (Read 332 times)

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self running free energy "Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor
« on: October 31, 2023, 20:17:56 pm »
Are There Any Completed Plans Available  For A Duplication Of The self running free energy "Bowman Permanent Magnet Motor" ? Plastic gears with ratio 2:1, 3 discs, many rod magnets + one initiator magnet. Original was table model demonstrated in 1950 by Engineer. I had long time back without many funds, made design for just the gears as homemade. Appliance COGGED type belt cut and glued inside out on to OD on plastic disc , with cogs facing out will form gear at any ratio. Plastic disc is mounted in spinning drill press, with file against OD. (Stop/start) and test so as COUNTED teeth desired actually fits around touching on the 2 ends, the disc is now round. I used super glue for the 3 discs. Neodymium rods magnets are now surplus and at lower cost instead of alnico as in the original model. I used non magnetic brass and aluminum axle rods with threads put on ends in vice with cut die. Each side of discs require lock washers and non magnetic nuts. Make frame holder with allowance for slots sideways adjustments. See data internet on the original and other updates. There was a controversy on Internet on how the magnetic poles should be facing years ago. I reduced the friction by eliminating 3 of the ball bearings, and used oilite bronze bushings to match the shafts. Originally I had intended to make several models and mount wire coils on outside , so as power for use as perpetual night lights.