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Re: My new approach
« Reply #88 on: March 31, 2023, 16:59:00 pm »
I did some test on that with labview but at the time I was not actually looking int it so I may have not hit it hard enough to see a pronounced effect

The resoance is easier to find anti resonance should be where water act as generator

What you results on that? and what was the setup?

Well, from DC to 40Mhz, which is the frequency band of the VNA I used, The bifilar coils connected to 2 series cells, showed only one antiresonance point, due to the parallel resonance of the coils, no other resonance detected. Series resonance is basically impossible (and not desired) in this configuration.

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Re: My new approach
« Reply #89 on: March 31, 2023, 17:09:01 pm »
I see… have you tried with full wave bridge rectified sine wave too? And instead of coils resistors?

The inductance resonances will interfere in the measurements

Also would be possible to apply a magnetic field outside the cell and apply ac to the cell

However this would generate ac only maybe only heat but would be the simpler way to find it I guess

At a certain frequency it will drop the current in!

At the equator line the should be more magnetic field up than flat … anywhere else I think some magnetic field may be required
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window comparator
« Reply #90 on: April 02, 2023, 16:13:51 pm »
in the patent i mentioned there is a resonant point detector that i imagine is the lock in detector and also they use a window comparator… this kind of limit the range of the vco so if its out of the selected range it trigers the flip flop …

In the 4046 circuit this is done with the selection of lock range.. . so it can lock within that range and if it goes above or bellow it open the loop…

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Re: My new approach
« Reply #91 on: April 03, 2023, 09:05:25 am »
This weekend I decided to build the pll I started in 2018 as it was amost ready and had a good space to develop the feedback part that I can use than with the digital pll

I had to have the courage to disassembly my functioning pll to be able to get some of the chips and components an potentiometers

I 3d printed some holders for the new board and soldered pin headers so I can now connect the inputs and outputs easy in case of I need to take it apart or substitute for another pcb

I also advanced in the digital pll now it can output triangle sine and square wave

Also the design of the cell is getting closer

Still something’s to do

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Re: My new approach
« Reply #93 on: April 06, 2023, 00:40:11 am »
The difference between horvath and Meyer for me seem to be Meyer added the cells in series to increase the conversion efficiency…

If you have one cell generating 2v and you need to flow in dc to rectify that you loose 1v plus the losses in wire and all… would result in a feedback of less than 50%

However if increase the voltage output to 20v the losses will be lower for example…

Having ten or 11 cells may bring to a 90% efficiency in the feedback

that being said it would take 10% of common electrolysis energy requirement if that condition is met

As the water fuel cell setup produce both electricity and gas the gas can than be further utilized generate power

Assuming the combustion engine has only 30% efficiency and that it’s generator is maybe 90# efficient

Rounding numbers like aways

In an combustion engine it would take one third of the power of the engine output to run the complete closed cycle…

Resulting in 2/3 excess useable power… or something around that…

So a runing car producing 20kw of mechanical output  would require a 6kw input or so or maybe less if gas processor makes double the efficiency 3kw input… so resulting in 14 to 17kw power gain just to let it clear!!! Using maybe 3 litter of water if much

That is very conservative!

This can be improved probably a lot…

With air processor that may increase 2 to 5 times… therefore reducing the amount of hydrogen however increasing the power consumption by ionizing the gas… etc

The gas processor  may work in sequence… stages… to get increasingevel of ionization… if it work like the cell the anmps will get out of it naturally and I think the electrons may be consumed by making them proxduce an ionized exhaust gas…

To be able to extract most of the electrons from air they must go elsewhere otherwise the porential created will impede further current flow…

The air processor may work at lower frequency than the cell if we would use the same size… however it’s not..

For me nasa and spacex is already using this technology somehow… I refuse to believe I’m the few living Pearsons who conclude that

Stan method may be in use and we don’t know!

I have a nice generator here that I can use to play just need to make the injectors system to be able to meter the gas

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Why Meyer used pure water
« Reply #94 on: April 06, 2023, 18:36:38 pm »
Siga para saber mais:

Water is conductive and when the water fuel cell is in action what happens is that there will be a region of the electrode that will get the most of the output because of its geometrical position while the rest of the electrode will act as a load

So the electrode must be kept to a fraction of the wavelength to get the most of the power output and also if water is not as pure

The power output will be limited since is consuming already inside the cell…

I’m building the cell now for achieving this and is cracking my mind to find out how actually is going to look like

Ideally the cell should be an arrangements of very short segments connected in series to get the most juice out of it…

Such that different voltage levels will contribute independently to the voltage sum

Can anyone investigate the church Stan use to go? I think he may have left something in the pipe organ for us! Anyone in Ohio or that can go there? I had this feeling that he left something where no one was going to look at!

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Stanley Meyer Wfc fundamental physical principles
« Reply #95 on: April 09, 2023, 13:11:42 pm »
Conversion of energy from one form into another

Skin effect


Dc unipolar pulses

Resonant cavity


Isolated ground

Frequency double

What you think should be the wave form of a cell under resonance with applied unipolar pulse to it?

What would be the current waveform?

How about when you hate it? What should be the waveform in the cell when you turn off the system for a short time?

Shouldn’t it be a double frequency ac waveform?



During pulse on the oscilloscope will show unipolar stepcharging effect but when you gate the cell should show a ac of double frequency since it’s oscillating and generating power at that frequency!

It’s not said that the gas generation will immediately stop by gating but

One will control the rate of gas production and if arranged so it can be made to terminate if the feedback of energy is enough to self sustain the oscillation as Stan describe saying in New Zealand that the cell would run until there is no more water in it

A subwoofer is an example of resonant cavity…

Just some food for thought

Let me propose you a simple experiment

Pick a sound speaker a subwoofer for ex pulse it and measure the current as function of current…

Plot it in a graphic

what happens?

Do the experiment! It will open your eyes if you already don’t get any idea of what I’m talking about.

Have some fun!

This knowledge and setup will be used later for water so don’t worry…

Just a reminder if you are using square waves not necessary the output will be square since current is linear in a coil and the coil will move reducing its inductance while you pulse it… and also the back emf will totally change the current but don’t worry be happy just go for it… lot to Learn there with the Vic pulsing ckt

Just for who is really smart:

Toda a energia consumida por algumas partes do sistema, aumenta diretamente a eficiência da célula combustível de água e possivelmente do processador de gases do ar também, portanto, a tensão inicial ser menor pode ser mais eficiente que uma tensão inicial mais elevada, especialmente no caso desta configuração diretamente proporcional.

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