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Re: My new approach
« Reply #64 on: March 16, 2023, 22:13:37 pm »

I found some info about this and it appear that is very important to have sine wave to be able to resonate better

That’s because a square wave is made of many frequencies… and this is why it can excite resonances of higher harmonics

As the resonance must drop the frequency at certain point it means that other frequencies will have low impedance and so they will disturb the resonance and distort the wave form to the point is not possible to read or detect

That may be one of the functions using many turns and why the use of bipolar transistor!

I’m thinking that the unipolar principle i talk about may be able to reduce the squareness of the wave… however the regenerative feedback may not be good for it…
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Here is the milk
« Reply #65 on: March 17, 2023, 16:20:29 pm »

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Stanley Meyer sense of humor
« Reply #66 on: March 18, 2023, 05:53:48 am »
Why would someone hire 1000 engineers and keep them researching someone if you could just give a call? Money rises up in the head?

Would be good to hear from you sometimes… not sure if I’m talking alone… or getting crazy

I guess it is as it is

Stan in New Zealand make a joke about the resistive wire

I think one good use would be in parallel with the cell if there is something to feed back there

The inductance part of the coil would reduce the required resistance… for example Stan say 11,6kohm per coil somewhere I guess he could be talking about a coil in parallel with the cell

10kohm 1000v =100w 
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Re: My new approach
« Reply #67 on: March 19, 2023, 08:11:15 am »
Are there robots reading this post? It appear to me 180 guests seem like there is something going with the post views… you could put some adds on the forum cause you get lots of views haha

Im having some headaches so my productivity is lower this month…

I finish my power supply today and may be able to turn it on later…

Than I’m going to assemble the cells and make the coils… I’m not sure if nylon is going to print well… so I may use abs to make the coils… I plan to run any coils with very high voltage inside oil I’m not taking chances to burn hard work anymore… I just need to find a way to be able to work with oiled coils without making so much trouble…

I think I’m going to approach the resonant quest like pointing antena first you have a process to find the satélite than you fine tune to it

What I mean is a sine wave will be used first (thanks to Steve that help me sending me a ac amplifier) so I’m going to connect it to a sine wave generator that I plan to make with esp 32 that will sweep across the frequency’s to plot in labview the current Is as function of frequency… one thing I didn’t tell in the video is that the current piloted in the patent is not the waveform of the current! When the system find resonant that current drops to nearly zero but still detect the wave form because of the back to back diode so with very few micro amps the waveform still imprint on the resonant feedback is all about where we place the things… in meyers circuit there is a 5 volt on the center tap and he isolated this signal somehow… I believe it could be a current transformer! So it connected to that resistor will give the current feedback

In the patent when current goes above a value it unlock the circuit and that may be a key to maintain resonance if it keeps going off because the lock will persist while the reaction is over and current rises…

So the plan os to apply high voltage high power to water around 2 kv with a transformer having 10: 1  1 or 2 amps

The secondary may have around 400 turns

The first tests will be with lower voltage since the amplifier limit are much lower… I’m afraid to burn it so I’m going to be very careful with tha! 

Luckily I still have most my equipment still working it will easy things up

Im not sure what precision will the esp 32 give generating the sine wave… I believe the Q factor is very high so I need a precision of aroun 0,01hz at 5khz to get it

I decided to use perhaps one of my Wi-Fi modules if I’m able to as they have the espwroon02d and may be able to manage the 8 digit display and ad9833 module and a encoder with button to select the precision of frequency simply… than it may be controlled by Wi-Fi where I will add functions like sweep change waveforms etc

So there may be minimum frequency maximum frequency etc…

Maybe adding a phase comparator I could create a digital controlled pll

Something I just considered is that if pulsing the current for the magnetic field  it will have a triangle waveform so to find the resonant action perhaps is easier to have constant dc with the mag field pulsed

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W=F*d*cos angle
« Reply #68 on: March 19, 2023, 18:40:24 pm »
If that equation is correct and we use a magnetic force to develop a movement that is perpendicular to it and that in turn generate voltage, how is power consumed?

Could Meyer have found a way to apply the same theory Barbat describe in his patents? On just water in a resonant cavity?

Barbat device claim that low mass electrons can be accelerated beyon normal electrons and that way they amplify induction if the force to drive them is perperdicular to the direction of their movement no power is consumed! Or in better words their acceleration is not restricted… like a transference of momentum from a moving car to stoped car when crashing

So if I apply a dc to water ok I’m applying a voltage but if I apply a magnetic field alternating by flowing an alternating current of frequency just that of the resonance of water… if the dc current is already there and magnetic field causes the movement that is perpendicular to the magnetic force again how energy laws are violated?

What I think would happen is that it will become to resonate and if the dc is a voltage source it’s current will decrease and voltage increase as Meyer described… that’s because energy keep going inside but the impedance vary as long as energy get into the cavity

The magnetic field will be just making everything shake but besides the energy dissipated in the electrode and overal circuit required to make this alternating current no power is accountable from it into the circuit…

Well I hope I’m not wrong

Good luck who else going to try it

To maintain the oscillation to be able to extract the electrons from it another source of power is needed and I believe may be a piezo so it’s going to input energy in the form of sound in sync with the magnetic field that must flip to produce dc on eec this dc must be consumed to generate more gas and so it can be closed in the loop feeding more magnetic field more power as sound and so the reaction is theoretically a geometric progression!!! Assuming we can maintain the resonance to a good level

Is not a perpetual motion since if you take the power souce out it won’t start spontaneously and also because if you block the feedback it stop even if stop resonating it will stop… the feedback is a energy multiplication factor since hydrogen is a byproduct of generating electricity from water with this means.

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EPG is the same principle
« Reply #69 on: March 19, 2023, 19:10:21 pm »
The same resonant principle applies to the electrical particle generator basically the size of the coils has to do with the wave inside the tube in a manner that it generate electricity by resonanting them inside under a certain magnetic field

Is the same old Barbat principle

He have regions where the wave will be shaking the magnetic particles he than use a magnetic field just to make them polarized and the movement causes output on secondary coils..

Bahhh mistery solved… lost interest

So many years working on it so many tears so much money and it was simply in my face all the time

Of course the epg may not work because there’s no transformation of anything but I guess it was meyers starting point or he may found a way to make it I don’t see yet… could also be a distraction or a manner he found to distract while explaining the principle… so he could show that energy can be converted from vibration at resonance to electrical using magnetic fields synchronized with sound

Hope any one try telling me it was channeling hahaha
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The dead short condition is the?
« Reply #70 on: March 19, 2023, 19:50:56 pm »
A) center electrode
B) gap
C) outer electrode
D) piezo

Why Meyer says his electrodes last 10 thousand years ?

Do you agree that if the voltage comes from inside no ions of metal will ever be discharged to water?

In electrolysis as we apply voltage the metal electrode ions get into water they are forced to that

If water ions are the voltage souce it goes Backwards actually any metal in water will glue to the electrode…

I did a test with my humidifier i placed the oscilloscope probe inside the water and it resulted in 750khz square wave like… it was not continuous work as trains of impulses i guess for the same reason as Meyer…

This frequency is very high giving a length of only 2mm so it would be hard to make it workable cell that scale… however for measurements it may be useable… so im going to use some magnets to set up a high magnetic field over the transducer and place a very small probe set that should detect this voltage being generated by the movement of the charges…

i found calculating with gpt that the lesser is the mass the higher will be the displacement possible i mean although speed of sound is 1480m/s the velocity of the ions will depend on two factors

The Q factor of the cavity and the applied power in form of vibration…

Thats where it need some scale and why a lower frequency may be better.. or i can be perfectly wrong like aways too

The thing is we need a closed cavity so we can apply half wave and it will resonate all the content to the same direction if we have full wave half of the volume is going in one direction and half the other direction… in terms of displacement.. please fell free to correct me if im wrong on this…

so i calculated for 1 tesla how much would be the voltage generated for a given power and Q factor in the cavity… and the result surprised me!

i than discovered that the velocity is dependent on the square function because the velocity mass energy relation so you increase the power 20 fold it only increase 3 times the voltage output

it requires some power to work but the main advantage i see is have no moving parts… would work much better with superconductors of course… but i believe Meyer some how did it without it!

other way of doing it would be with pumping water to high speed but would have moving parts and its limited to the losses of viscosity that increase with the third power of velocity.. . so it may work with restrictions…

on the other way Meyers resonant cavity is a manner to create this displacement by using other ways and not only that also a manner to manipulate the saturation magnetic field of the electrodes and use skin effect as a manner to make electrons flow thru water

I have a set of electrode inside an acrylic tube that has the ability to make this field

if i take skin effect to the limit what i see is that the more i saturate the electrode with current the higher is the density of charge in the surface of the metal… as water is covering that surface and ions adsorbed there i wonder what this traveling electrons can travel thru the bonds… meyer mention it could go up to 50khz or higher but im not sure how small it will still be useable with today technology

unfortunately weekend is over and now i got to try make money… hope to get rich soon to be able to work more on this.. by getting rich i mean being able to pay my bills and have weekend free of mind…

hope you all have a great week

wish me luck   

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Why Meyer don’t violate any law of thermodynamics
« Reply #71 on: March 21, 2023, 05:57:10 am »
First he need energy input or the system won’t start on its own

Second water is used as a medium of transformation of energy from one form into another by giving the molecules kinetic energy and converting it back to electrical energy by use of magnetic fields

Third the hydrogen and oxygen is a byproduct of the generation of electrical energy that mean that the input energy gets out in form of electricity and although it can be feedback to reduce the amount of energy required or to increase the reaction output for same energy input.

Therefor energy is required to make it work and so the hydrogen and oxygen burning will be able to provide this excess energy easily making a full system capable of self run although it will stop without water, therefore is not a perpetual motion device!

The question is where the energy come from?

We know that when we discharge a capacitor the energy is proportional to voltage squared

So the energy is not coming from anywhere we are just converting it by adding energy to water letting it discharge back

The opposite of electrolysis

Also without using the electrical energy being produced  no hydrogen will be generated

Meyer says the electron extraction was the key!!!

I had my eureka moment in 2008 in Italy when playing with aluminum and copper in water it generated electricity and hydrogen and I started wondering it was the thing!

I believe Meyer had something inside the cell that may have connected all the inner electrodes in series such as to have a current flowing into them… than each Vic may tune each individual cell

There may be a current sensing in each Vic card somewhere that tell it to simply lock when current drop bellow certain value

Meyer had a challenge that is converting voltage and this secret magnetic field to a physical resonance inside the cell and after take this energy out at the lowest impedance possible as to have as many amps as possible and convert this to the required impedance to feedback in the system

Of course I’m still not sure of many things but it appear to me that a ultrasonic transducer would need to be designed or tuned to be able to give most power at a certain frequency

This frequency is tuned to the cavity size and water speed of sound

Than a magnetic field of high intensity and of same frequency must be applied into the cell, this will allow dc to be generated since the noventa of ions thru the magnetic field will generate a voltage

The inner electrode is the source of magnetic field and at 5 kHz most of amps will flow thru a skin layer of just half mm

I believe at a certain current density and having dc applied across the gap it will force some of this charges to want to use water as conductor too so there may be high current in the surface where ions are adsorbed

Meyer mention higher frequency could bit it a little harder and skin effect is increased with frequency…  however sizes reduce too

There’s some missing points maybe still I’m all ears

Than if the amplitude is high enough and from my perspective the purer is the water the greater will be the voltage output to an extent so if water is a capacitor the higher is the voltage the energy increase with the square of voltage! Except if the difference in electrolyte concentration imply directly in capacitance change

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