Author Topic: Stanley A Meyer EPG Laser Stimulation of Solid Nano-Magnetite Suspensions  (Read 5108 times)

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One approach
1.Use 10-50 nM magnetite spheres and mix into liquid methyl methacrylate  matrix in the process of setting
2 Disperse the particles until  increasing viscosity of the matrix prevents rapid settling
3. Cast in a two piece circular mold to make a toroid which is smokey gray translucent  40 cm diameter  across and 2 cm cross sectional distance
4.  Now place the finished toroid into another two piece mold which is used to cast another clear sheath or coating around the
     inner core.   Picture coax cable
5 The index of refraction of the outer sheath and the smokey core matrix is the same so there is no boundary to light  passage
6 Laser light will be contained within the toroid if angle is small upon entry.
7 The excitation of the iron atoms in outer orbits may cause a transient change in paramagnetic characteristics that are harvested by pickup coils
8, The magnetic saturation of the core may be increased by the addition of transitional metal powders which are subsequently permanently magnetized)
9 The coating of the outer surface of the light pipe with a reflective surface such as aluminized Mylar(r) reduces light leakage   (see spherical cell images
The dispersion of transitional metal powders into the liquid plastic along with the nano magnetite particles can dramatically increase
the magnetic susceptibility in this manner. Once the plastic toroid is hardened by the use of UV light or chemical agents promoting cross-lining of the plastic matrix,
 the transitional metal particles can be permanently magnetized with the north-south axis going axially through the toroid.

It is though one has bent a bar magnet bent into a circle with the north and south poles touching but with the ability vary the strength of the radial magnetic field by
laser irradiation.  If the pulsing of the laser is synchronized to the pickup coils transversely resulting field is collapsing thus inducing a l=electron movement in the
 pickup coils
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