Author Topic: Stanley A Meyer Documentary Vol 1 posted by Irondmax  (Read 976 times)

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Stanley A Meyer Documentary Vol 1 posted by Irondmax
« on: October 23, 2022, 00:40:48 am »
The collection of various video clips includes  a seven minute meeting between Stan Meyer and Mark Goldes discussing the Australian
solar auto race at the end of the video..

The video is 30:50  min. in length with the Goldes interview starting about  time stamp 23:25  This is a redirect to the original post by irondmax
at his youtube channel

Format: Original Stanley Meyer VHS tapes converted to digital and assembled into a montage of Stanley Meyer video clips for about 23 minutes with added footage at end from an independent videographer's footage
Length: 30:50
Audio:  Good
Video:  Good   
The original post was later modified and reposted with credit for irondmay "conveniently" removed and a logo from another site added.
Another upcoming video or posting will show how this was done leaving no question of who "borrows" what and the lengths that are gone to avoid giving credit to irondmax

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