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New Stanley A Meyer video material has been released under the title Stan Meyer Documentary Vol 2 see the redirect to the original post on Youtube
Format:   VHS converted to  DVD
Audio:    Good
Video:     Good         some "banding" from VHS recorder
Length:   22:13

This is a redirect to the irondmax site who has permission to use the video material  Notice the irondmax banner at the bottom of the video frame in the irondmax release
In other releases of video material on the irondmax  site, a transparent green or white watermark is seen to occupying the middle of the video frames
Unforunately it was a little too low on this release to prevent editing out and reposting elsewhere with no credit  to irondmax

The irondmax release was reposted in small segments or clips at a well  known site that sells HHO supplies worldwide
 It was purchased from the estate of a privare videographer with all rights reserved, not the Stanley Meyer estate.

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