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  • Posts: 831 recently posted a compilation of Stanley A Meyer videos on YouTube. The length of the video was 30:50 in length.  What makes this video noteworthy is the last
seven minutes ( c)2019 showing an interview of Mark Goldes by Stan Meyer after a dealership presentation at the Deer Creek State Park conference center
in Mt Stirling, Ohio. The last clip came from a privately held video. Irondmax watermarked it with his site name

I included the link in the latest update of my Videography Link and Comment page posted here at ionizationx under the irondmax section It was purchased from the private estate of a
videographer who was present at a conference, not Stan Meyer's estate. Another site removed the irondmax  overlay and stated that after an "intense search" it was found an is now public
domain.. A little hard to believe since that owner of the other site is a member here at ionizationx!!

After posting the link to the irondmax Stan Meyer Documentaries here at ionizationx  , the video was altered with the irondmax logo removed, and the video sequence of  Stan running the dune buggy at Deercreek and
the unique segment with Mr. .Goldes reposted within a few days at another site with their logo. .Since the Mark Goldes segment had never been released prior to its inclusion in Stan Meyer Documentary any publication  after Max's publication is clearly from Max's work. It is generally accepted in research, education, publication and  subsequent productions that the source of the material be acknowledged without obscuring or obliteration watermarks.

Attachmnet 1  Mark Goldes

Attachment 2 A modified image from screenshot   in another site's "educational and teaching purposes"
The cut and paste lines are quite noticeable part of irondmax  name and watermark is visible, despite an attempt to disguise its source.
Also notice the uneven right edge of the frame due to misalignment are just some of the techniques being used to not give credits to irondmax

Attachment 3 A modified image from screenshot for "educational and teaching purposes"
One can see the blue banding is down about 2/3 of the way from the top!

Attachment 4 For comparison, when examined. a similar image from the original posting by irondmax with his irondmax name at the bottom
note how the blue banding is about halfway down the frame but even lower in the modified frame It's as if the irondmax logo was cut off and
then with the videoframes resizeed without the logo showing, ......just sayin'...
give cuz max the credit ...!!

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Nice! Thanks!