Author Topic: Stanley A Meyer Q & A July 2022  (Read 973 times)

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Stanley A Meyer Q & A July 2022
« on: July 19, 2022, 03:08:45 am »
Online meeting will discuss blue team progress with the oil/water type emulsions using clear liquid immiscible phases
with aqueous solutions of diamagnetic salts/ the use of span/tween emulsifier systems as well as the traditional
oleic/stearic acid stabilizers used in the formation of ferrofluids.  In the case of the "clear" diamagnetic salt EPG
systems it would be prudent to maximize the transmission of the laser emission through the non-aqueous phase
by selection of one that does not absorb in the frequency range of the laser light while preferably being absorbed by the
electrons in the outer shell of the metallic ins used   i.e.  manganese and others.
NurdRage has a nice Youtube channel with many experiments

Another video on this subject shows about 200 neodymium magnets between two sheets of Perspex(r)
simulating increased pressure on gas and the matrix-like structure of a gas matrix as it becomes more crystalline like
with fracture lanes in the x and y axis.     
The irregular breaking in the z axis is due to the stronger magnetic attraction between the main N/S axis of the system which in the gas model
is actually the ionic bonding between the argon and paramagnetic metals. In the demonstration gravity, mechanical barriers, and magnetic repulsion
and attraction are useful in explaining so of the concepts especially showing how the stronger ionic bond of shared electrons maintain the strings of atoms in a liquid or
gaseous form while the magnetic forces are holding the   ferric Argonide into a loose transient crystalline structure

The neodymium magnets could be paints to represent different elements.  Black for iron, yellow for argon   I used Styrofoam(r) balls and toothpicks

A related video found by Googling   the terms "solid gas epg " brings up a 2-hour collation mentioning work of Ning LI and spinning superconductive discs and parts of the
Meyer New Zealand meeting video
Eugene Podkletnov also observed this gravity shielding effect.......
sandia24    reported an enhancement of magnetic force of the gas in quiescent state when irradiated by argon laser...He said it was predicted by Stan      Ref 418? ed jm   
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Re: Stanley A Meyer Q & A July 2022
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2022, 21:50:35 pm »
Thanks, Jim.
I see that you still following the liquid core systems of Meyer

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