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Stanley A Meyer MEMO 460
« on: July 09, 2022, 15:24:02 pm »
A recent YouTube post on the internet lists a Stanley A Meyer Memo 460 posted in July 2022  ----- google "Stan Meyer 460"

When opening the promotional video, a frame opens that mentions Memo 430 and that Memo 460 is available as a a 49 USD  e book

In my search of original Stanley A Meyer publications and archives by title, an original Memo 430 came up with only 2 instances::
Meno 460 yielded no search results

(see ionizationx post  here of  "Stanley A Meyer Memo List non-classified"

1.  In the "Birth of  New Technology" 1995 edition   Steam Resonator Memo 430
     The last section of the free downloadable book  at many sites

2   WFC Memo 430  (1997)?  concerning Atomic Degaussing
      listed in my index of  Meyer memos here at ionizationx)

While its possible to renumber  Meyer material and call any new rewrite with a different number  (ie. 460) , I'd like to see a  sample page with the WFC Memo 460 Header
before I would spend any money on this publication or add it to my list of original memos

Also in fairness I  know that some original documents that have existed  or exist may or  may not be released in the future......

regards  ed. jm
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