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Standing waves are key?
« on: February 17, 2022, 15:45:46 pm »
As many of you know, i use this forum for sharing my thoughts and also for storing my thoughts and idea,s.
Over the years, i have listend and watched so many videos of the famous guys, like Meyer, Anderson, Tesla, leedskalnin, etc etc
I always try to remember what kind of details they talk about. I have also read a lot of patents.
My head always spins around many of the related topics.

Here are some findings i want to share with you about standing waves. This is a word that i encounterd many times.
Also the creation of gas in the middle of a waterfuelcell and not at the plates.
Also the Leedskalnin coils, the Meyer coils and also what Anderson stated about Standing waves.
Maybe these are my tiny brain spins, but i know i am not completely crazy.....Maybe a bit nuts, but not crazy.

As i started with unrafling the Bob Boyces Smackers, including the scalar waves, i came to this.
Watch this video:

* Meyer used two choke coils, as he called them. Meyer always used the word: 180 degree opposite. One of the chokes he designed was tunable...hmmmmmm
   What if he setup those two choke 180 degrees out of phase and canceling the magnetic part of emf waves and send scalar waves into his wfc?

*  Leedskalnin had two coils out of phase on his electric generator per stator set.  No lenz law there applying.

*  Anderson stated that he used Standing waves. He also used TWO racing ignition coils.....

Please shoot at this finding as much as you like. I am more then willing to hear your comments.
Ill guess if you can create a transformer or VIC and tune it in such a way that the pulses of the two chokes are 180 degrees the opposite of each other, that you are on the right path.
Same counts for the Anderson setup


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Re: Standing waves are key?
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2022, 22:14:56 pm »
If the phase difference of two waves with the same amplitude is pi/2 or 180 degrees they will cancel out

the standing waves are a phase shift between two nodes

there won't be any canceling of the counter-emf forces

when you increase the flux and when you decrease the flux the rate of flux cutting is the same so the resulting emf and counter-emf is the same, although I don't like the terms emf , lenz forces e.t.c. if you analyze any circuit closely you will find there are many forces involved