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Plasma Ignition Dispute Energetic Forum calling out Aaron and Luc
« on: September 26, 2021, 09:19:10 am »
Couple things first. I’d like to point out that my vids are first of the plasma ignition effect. I was teaching Luc Choquette and the Aaron Markumi or MARCONI since he understands what a synchronicity is. But mostly Markumi. He likes taking credit for others work and trying to smear me and make claims that Aquapulser is using his design. That is false they used the one I showed on YouTube using low voltage 110-500VDC superimposed riding on the High Voltage 20,000-60,000VDC.

I had 2 Aquapulser units. They blew up. I took hours putting in oven at low temp to scrape sealing epoxy from power unit. Once inside I discovered they are using power supply for high speed camera flash. And the diode blocks of. Course.
I entered the dispute on Energetic Forum to be blocked and thread closed til Aaron could manipulate post for his needs.
He slams me because isuck at video editing or explaining all of the has been posted to the best of my ability. So it’s whatever Aaron is a fraud and Luc took an opportunity without a lick of credit which I have more to say about that in next post.

03-12-2011, 11:38 PM
plasma ignition

@$UM1 - WHY? Why do you insist of posting this on my private profile page
where hardly anyone will see it? Let me help you:


"DISPUTE - Energy Efficient Plasma Generation Pub. No.: US 2010/0319644 A1

Really wish everyone would stop trying to claim something $um1 else has done before them as there own... As Terro & Classen are my educators & anyone else who follows showing such systems. I am disappointed humanity these days.... I out of respect to those who originated this have not followed up on these systems commercially... And I will not go without telling & competing with any of these posers who are claiming it as their own after the original guys or myself do so 1st. I have so much more to offer but
1 I'm broke have no more money to research and build not to mention live comfortable...


I Like this quote for Aaron “Marconi”
“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”

Nikola Tesla



First of all, Tero or anyone else did NOT invent the plasma ignition type
circuit. YOUR videos you post descriptions stating it does NOT burn water
and will only work when the gap is small and closed up.

The patent application in question has NOTHING to do with hooking an
inverter across the plug and this is MY invention - not yours, not Tero's,
not Classen's. Period, get over it please.

I addressed the Todd Miller issue - if you can't even post here in public
with your own name attached to it, what is the point of trying to take
credit for something anyway if you are anonymous, which you aren't
really since Luc ALREADY posted your private email, I removed your
personal email out of respect for your privacy and so your email isn't
taken by spam bots. You contacted me by instant message, I've seen
your videos, and they are NOT the same.

Why don't you have the integrity to simply lay out what you want to
say here for everyone to see instead of trying to hide out by posting in
my personal profile page?

The plasma jet ignition method has been patented by countless companies
including NGK, Nissan, Mazda, you name it for the last 40 years or so and
if you want to claim that you, Tero and Classen invented the plasma
ignition, you are seriously uninformed.

The patent application - I NEVER claimed to have invented the plasma
ignition, just the simple method using a single cap on the front. If anyone
else has done this before, it has never been revealed publicly before so
my claim stands.

If you think that method was invented by you, Tero and Classen, PROVE IT
or stop bothering me. I gave you ample opportunity to post something
here to back your claims.

Here is Luc's post about your claims:

Here is my little research on your claims - respond to them or stop
harassing me:


I did a little bit of research into Todd Miller's claims. Basically, I can't find
anything to back the claim that his plasma ignition has anything to do with
my method that is in the patent.

Here is a cached site:
Todd Miller's Page - HHOINFO

At the bottom, there is a link to a pdf:

It goes here:

It looks like an attempt to replicate the Puharich concept possibly.

Here is Todd Miller's HHO page:

There are almost no straight up ignition schematics in that whole site.
There was one on this page:

That has this:

But that is just the Nexus circuit.

The Nexus circuit is nothing more than Luc's original June 27, 2008
diagram but instead of a cap discharge into the primary, it is triggered
by just battery input alone and there is a cap across the rectified output
of the inverter. In other words - virtually identical in concept to the
Suckewer - Princeton patents. So Nexus was not a new or different way
to do the plasma ignition by any stretch of the imagination.

On this google cache page:
Todd Miller's Page - HHOINFO

Todd says he openly he is fastimports3 on Youtube.

Now, YouTube - Plasma Ignition Installed on Van
that is one of his videos. And a few comments on his video:
*       Very nice! I'm working on this ignition system too. Should give some nice results. Try increasing the gap of your plugs.
*       brianempson 2 years ago
*       Don't increase gap cut the j-tip of the plug back a little and side gap the plug. Increasing the gap kills the plasma arc effect. Also use NGK non-resistor V-power racing plugs. They have worked the best for me. Works way better than MSD 6AL box using gasoline for fuel...... I'm still think it might explode pre-conditioned (Hydrogen Enriched)water too.
*       fastimports3 2 years ago
*       small question
*       can it explode mist water?
*       i'm also doing same expiremnt.
*       dreamyear 2 years ago
*       At this time it doesn't explode water.
*       But I have a couple other things to try still.
*       fastimports3 2 years ago
I'd recommend everyone look at that video - it doesn't sound the same
as this plasma effect. Nor do any of his other videos. The plasma doesn't
even look the same. Plasma isn't plasma isn't plasma. You can light a
match and claim that is plasma because fire is plasma. A standard
Kettering spark ignition is technically a plasma ignition system since every
"spark" is a plasma. But this water sparkplug thread plasma is distinctly
different from any of these.

Todd Miller says not to increase the gap as it kills the effect AND that
it doesn't explode water. Well, all of us here that has used the method
in this forum know full well that increasing the gap gives a BIGGER AND
BIGGER effect up to the max gap possible that the discharge can
break down.

I showed that a long time ago in addition to it exploding water like mad,
but specifically to show that this is different from what he is doing,
here is this video - when I open the strap up, it gets crazy big with the
booster caps.

YouTube - Water Sparkplug | Plasma Ignition| Booster Caps

I originally posted that in June 08 on youtube most most people know
my entire account was cancelled by youtube. I didn't violate anyone's
copyright because I made all my own videos. A youtube insider told me
that it was closed due to "spamming".

So Todd's system's effect gets killed when opening up the gap and it
doesn't explode water. I think claims that my method in the patent is
NOT the same.

In a few of Todd's videos, it seems he is using HV from an ignition coil
in addition to 110 volts from an inverter in parallel with the plug. Basically,
what Luc was doing in the s1r replication attempts.

Todd lists this as his "homepage"
Electric Fields and Moving Media, Stanley Meyer Explained - Heretical Builders

If Todd can show differently, I'm all ears but so far, it appears that
his circuits are closer to the one Luc posted originally with the inverter
connected to the plug, which of course has nothing to do with the
schematic on the patent in question.
Aaron Murakami

Originally posted by Aaron
@$UM1 - WHY? Why do you insist of posting this on my private profile page where hardly anyone will see it?
Looks like you're not the only one to receive $UM1's message on their profile page. It showed up on mine, too, and I imagine a lot of others here have been spammed in the same way. PM's should seldom be used, and only in an appropriate manner.

"Seek wisdom by keeping an open mind to alternative realities, questioning authority, and searching for truth. Only then, when you see or hear something that has 'the ring of truth' to it, will it be as if a veil has been lifted, and suddenly you will begin to hear and see far more clearly than ever before." - Rickoff

03-27-2011, 01:24 AM
thread closed

closed closed closed
Aaron Murakami

Hi Rick,

Yes, I got a message from someone else that he posted it on their personal
profile page too, which only ensures that hardly anyone will see what he
wants everyone to see so I posted it here.

I really have no problem with him claiming what he is claiming, I don't
buy it, but I certainly want him to voice his concerns.

I asked for a specific schematic and he refuses to answer anything in
my response, refuses to show a schematic, refuses to do anything other
than claim Luc and this patent application is based on his circuit.

So I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish by making these claims but
refusing to offer up anything to back it up. He sent me youtube video
links, I saw them and they reveal that that has nothing to do with the
patent application schematic based on my simple design.

@Todd Miller - it isn't helpful to post your complaints in people's private
forums. I understand you think you have a concern so discuss it here.
Why don't you have your teachers Tero and Chassel come here and post
their schematics as well so we can all see what you are claiming. Why
don't you do that? Why not post your own schematics as well?
I used to correspond to Tero - ask him (qiman13 username). I remember
he had a "plasma ignition". I don't remember the details, that was a few
years ago, but if it is the plasma jet ignition method, he is only copying
what has already been patented for 40 years or so. If you think different,
I suggest you actually do some research so you can see the facts.
Aaron Murakami

fastimports3 first plasma ignition build in 2007 pics attached posted on my (MySpace) page
« Last Edit: September 27, 2021, 08:19:59 am by fastimports3 »

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Re: Plasma Ignition Dispute Energetic Forum calling out Aaron and Luc
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2021, 17:38:34 pm »
"Funny how one insect can damage so much grain." - Elton John

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Re: Plasma Ignition Dispute Energetic Forum calling out Aaron and Luc
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2021, 02:49:20 am »
Where did everyone go that use to frequent here?
The forum seems like a ghost town.
I haven’t seen a bunch of DIYers driving around free on water and showing YouTube videos.
Or any old skools doing it with full instructions.
Did everyone give up or loose interest because gas prices dropped?

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Re: Plasma Ignition Dispute Energetic Forum calling out Aaron and Luc
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2021, 21:53:51 pm »
It appears Aaron is not a favorite even though he acts as if he is THE ONE that single handily is  doing everything knows everything and owns everything. Guess I have just been looking too hard for the good in people and give people benefit of the doubt. But now I found all this stuff I see who Aaron is and I’m disappointed to find people like him ruining the works of others. Here is what I found on Aaron.

Violent Felon Aaron Murakami continues to terrorize

Aaron’s Cellphone #:  509-879-1813 Aaron Murakami: Personal Email: Aaron Murakami Mailing Address: 2731 W. Weile Ave. Spokane, Washington 99208 United States
Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.13.16 AM
This is a picture of Aaron Murakami’s home which he bought with his earnings from “free energy sales”. Aaron put up a picture of brilliant HHO inventor Edward Mitchell’s home and his address and phone number and even made two videos slandering him so obviously Aaron Murakami sees nothing wrong with posting people’s personal information online. A taste of his own medicine.
Know that this fight ahead of us now is the key to free energy and the future of humanity. One tyrant falling is just a start but it is a start that we have been waiting for for a very long time. Let’s end this thing so we can focus on creating free energy and this time we’ll have the unity to defend it so we never lost it again. What does the Internet think of Aaron Murakami’s suppression?
Thomas Brown Former Director of BorderLands Research:  ”Aaron Murakami is a tyrant, a coward and a chump.”
Jerry Volland “He administered a torrent of disinformation, misdirection, libel, and outright malicious lies. It’s all there in his “permanent public record”.Aaron has no room to sue someone for libel after his vicious in kind suppression of my work on his forum. The outright quantity of his lies made me ponder the possibility of a tinge of psychopathy.”
Ed Mitchell ”Aaron waged a personal campaign against me, posted my name, address and even a picture of my home online. Get as far away from him as you can as his type of evil knows no bounds”. I don’t think he is all there, if you know what I mean..“
John P:  “A Cancer, actively looking to disband the EPD Labs team.”
John Paul Buono: “This video counters every argument put by Aaron. Aaron call everyone BS, idiot, etc. But to me, he is those things except he has an agender to divide and conquer”
Michelle Fishel : “People are voting down his (Aaron Murakami’s) comments on his own videos…”
Jon Bigman: “My god man that Aaron is poison to all who come into contact with him. I knew this was coming but not with Eric Dollard. We must stand strong and forge ahead. If Eric is right about Tesla and others ideas then it must be a principle that can be replicated. I applaud you for showing us the truth. I did stand against Aaron a ways back and got censored then banned for it. I also think someone should thank you for your effort to bring Eric back into the world! Even though it failed.”
J Lapp : Has anyone noticed that every time Aaron posts a new video at youtube he gets less views? I think this shows that aetherforce is winning the battle and also how important it is that aetherforce is vindicated after being brazenly attacked by this character. Aaron is cracking into pieces.”
Theo Buckwhite : “Well Aaron is literally being laughed off of youtube now and the wave hasn’t even started yet! Looks like an idiot talking to himself in his forums and on his videos. Sad little suppressionist with his fingers in his ears and his eyes clamped shut…..”
Eugene Blackstone : “Pretty freakin’ soon now. And we’re not shills or sock-puppets. See if you can block what’s coming. Aaron you petty dictator and suppression agent — your time is nigh!”
Longitudinal Dielectricity: “Sorry you had to go through all of the headache to accomplish what you’ve accomplished and I’m sorry this was the end result of your experience with prof. Dollard. I have respect for you or how much you did accomplish and for everything we have all learned from Eric and the whole experience. Thanks. Sincerely.”
xxHANNONxx: “It’s to late for him and his games, he’s already been exposed and that cat is never going back in the bag. Eric could be forgiven if he cleaned up his act because everyone wants to see his work succeed, but Aaron has nothing to offer anyone.“
oLoGoS :” Just the way aaron handled the whole situation was evidence enough that his motives were/are not pure. he’s STILL fanning this flame and in my opinion the biggest victim of aaron’s petty tantrums and manipulation is Eric himself, and that’s saying a lot considering what EPD team has been through. i am going to stop posting my leedskalnin findings on his forum.“
Sweetman Jones: “The only good thing about this is its exposing Aaron as the scum he is and Dollard as a do-nothing. Try to remember: it was Aaron who started the attacks. When he first started he had a ‘hit list” and Tech Z was only one of many good people Aaron threatened with “exposure.” Aaron started it and now whether anyone likes it or not, he’s going to have live with the consequences of making this ugly mess a public affair.”
Gustopoet : ”Aaron is trying to suppress Dollard’s work and also anyone who speaks against him. He’s using vile and manipulative tactics to apparently feed little more than his greed for profit and power. It’s very sad, but I doubt we’ll ever see him show any remorse for what he’s done. Being polite with this guy won’t do you any good. Have you seen his forum? He seems completely irrational. He’s also as crude and rude as you could imagine, can’t spell or form a coherent argument, and keeps threatening everyone who shows the slightest sign of disagreeing with his mindless rants. He seems to be getting nuttier by the minute, too. The stuff he’s posting as vids and on his forums makes me think he needs professional help right away. He has clearly lost it big-time. Be careful TecZ. He sounds like he could be dangerous. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a blatant case of projection as what is evidenced in his posts and in his videos. The guy seems unbalanced and absurdly narcissistic. In other words, just the type of guy not to turn your back on! Best of luck to you.”

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Re: Plasma Ignition Dispute Energetic Forum calling out Aaron and Luc
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2021, 08:25:15 am »
Hi FI3,

It is very quiet here, as most members stopped their projects with hydrogen and they moved on.
However, a couple of times in a year, they come back...
Many are still checking this forum........

I have not seen many builds as well.
I am also having a lag of time. I have bought the pll pcb and all components for it of the Dave lawton pll as there is one person in Australia claiming to have a working Meyer tube cell.
Go and check my posts on that.

Aaron Mu has always been acting very badly.
I am sorry to read that you got into a fight with him....
Aaron is trying to suck the ass of Eric Dolard at the moment and is not into hho anymore.
He acts always so agressive.
I think that his forums and books etc etc are his way of making  his money.

There is btw on other forums also not much going at the moment.... 8)

I hope you still have a good time!


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Re: Plasma Ignition Dispute Energetic Forum calling out Aaron and Luc
« Reply #5 on: September 28, 2021, 08:35:28 am »
a blog against murikami?  Hahahahahahaha

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Re: Plasma Ignition Dispute Energetic Forum calling out Aaron and Luc
« Reply #6 on: September 28, 2021, 08:53:33 am »
Who is Walter Jenkins????
He is suppose to be the  creator of the water fogged. He is supposed to have paired the fogger and plasma to have run a motor. I can’t find him, his site, and even though I suck making vids his channel was horrible. If I over stand what he did the he is also a fraud. He put gas in fogger til it would burn when atomized with water. That is not running your car on water. He suspended fuel particles giving the appearance he was running a car on water.
Check out this book I received while away.

I claim open source on the plasma ignition and fogger. I didn’t see anyone doing it when I started. Can anyone prove an earlier date of posting.

Doesn’t this bottom pic of Aquapulser look like my prototype?

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Re: Plasma Ignition Dispute Energetic Forum calling out Aaron and Luc
« Reply #7 on: September 28, 2021, 10:14:04 am »
Walter Jenkins car: