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Atomic Hydroxy Arc Torch
« on: August 31, 2020, 05:49:20 am »
Conserving the green welding tank for a potential emergency build is such a pain that an electrical alternative is advised.

TIG is a satisfactory welding system, similar to brazing with a torch.  But the arc can't melt everything.  That takes the atomic Hydrogen arc torch, rated at 12,000 degrees.  This will melt anything to anything.

There are electrolysis designs with seperarated gas outputs.  But I don't want a welder with a ten kW draw.  So I'm going to add in an additional source of extreme temperature, with only some amount of hydroxy fuel gas.

Right now, my torch head is attached to the handle.  The head has two arc electrodes sticking out perpendicular to the handle, at a slight angle.  One of the electrodes is hollow and has some aquarium tubing going to it.  The MOT also has a third wire, with a big clamp on the end.  This allows the work piece to be one of the electrically hot electrodes for my one Amp T spark.  The gas tube electrode goes to the transformer's return wire, so it doesn't over heat and melt.  The other arc electrode gets red hot on the end, as does the work piece, where the T spark touches it.  This is the same spot where the hydroxy gas will be focused, after it's energised by passing through the arc.

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Re: Atomic Hydroxy Arc Torch
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2020, 15:06:55 pm »
Very interesting

You could try to measure the temperature rise on the piece and find if is over unity

You will have to measure the gas volume and energy input but may be a start

Compliments for the great idea