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Re: Cavitation!
« Reply #8 on: May 19, 2008, 04:36:30 am »
carb'd - i'm still laf'n from your mangling of my handle....  as i did yours.  I love it!  LOL

in any event, I agree very slightly with topsykretts (if i get his drift - stan's use of black box schematics).  In fact in an IM, i furthered this very idea to hydrocars not more than a couple of hours ago....

What i was saying was this (alternative theory to "series WFC cells"):
1st, watch the youtube S.meyer Switzerland series (1-6) - etc.

what i think - and at the point of the photo you provided, he's talking about the "burner cell" (like for use in elec/water power gen - not dune buggy) - is...
1st cell = WFC.  output is HHO like we all know.  2nd cell is same "fracturing process", but applied against the HHO [not another WFC].  3rd cell "fractures" the output of the 2nd cell to achieve the (what stan calls) "free electrons" & "high energy output".

what i'm proposing is that stan's not doing a series WFC proper.  he's using the WFC in a staged apparatus to achieve total high energy yield...  the picture you provided of the burner unit.  Also, i believe this is further proof of:

1. stan's ability to miniturize the original affect of the VIC & tube cell.
2. the best resonance chamber shape (according to stan) is a sphere - its in all of the later drawings...

...and for the long stretch... anyone else think that pic of the "stacked cavity" physically resembles a tesla coil?

Carbed, he might have been using cavitation.!.   who knows?!  the Switzerland lecture lists at least 6 different uses for Stan's tech.  including capturing electricity & feeding it back to the other stages....  Also of interest (to me) is the use of the 1st stage HHO generatiion to induce PSI (and out of the cell into another) to generate heat/steam/elec & capture it....


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Re: Cavitation!
« Reply #9 on: May 19, 2008, 05:06:27 am »
their is one patent that no one can get because it is sealed by presidential order of protection  a person that patent something and dose not want some one else to see it can request it be sealed  the one patent that you can not see is the one that shows the breakdown of his cell and the proper circuits to make it work the other patents are pretty much usless with out the sealed one and that is why know one has cracked his work their are also numerous articles buy stan that no one can get their hands on that are registered  with the us copywriths office at the library of congress but they will only release copys to the  owner or with the owners permission  pretty much the patents that everyone is seeing is just enought to prove it possible but not enought to do anything with

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Re: Cavitation!
« Reply #10 on: May 19, 2008, 07:08:57 am »
that makes sense.