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Variable Plate Capacitor
« on: August 31, 2018, 16:14:55 pm »
Hi All,

A few years back, I designed a variable plate capacitor assembly to do some testing on the water for fuel system that Stanley Meyers developed. This was one of the first systems he built. I know there is a bunch of designs on the tube array setup, but I thought to test the variable plate system first since this could be useful in testing the capacitance to the custom inductor coils.

Attached are pictures of the overall setup. I've included a ZIP file of the PDF drawings for the custom parts and the assembly build. This setup is a bit shorter in height from Stan's original setup. The plates are spaced with springs to keep the plates separated and there is a plastic cord to make the adjustments. I believe Stan used plastic gears to make the adjustments in his design.

NOTE: This design has not been constructed, so the final build may need tweaking to get the plates to work as intended. Use at your discretion!