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Re: Electron Extraction Circuit
« Reply #8 on: May 23, 2017, 19:31:32 pm »
somebody told me that the whole universe is energy and all is connected and interacting.
If your theory can hook into that energy......
Static charges are probably the real deal for the energy problems. Catching them into capacitors is possible.....
Not sure on how to add magnetisme in there.

My compliments Tek.
Your posts are really great. Wish we could have a coffee and talk for hours on the subjects.


Thanks Steve.  I'll post something about the "natural medium" (Ether or Aether?).

Here's a picture which shows my current charge pump experiments:


There isn't anything connected to the central rod electrode on the left. But something is pulling a faint arc between the two rod electrodes. (There's also a faint spark going from the jumper wire down to the right hand central electrode.)  The potential which goes through the arc to the left electrode travels upwards through the charcoal, then makes an amplified spark back to the jumper wire touching the outer end of the tube electrode.  So the charcoal must be acting as a charge pump.

I'm going to see what happens if a source of free electrons is connected on the left.