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Spark Timing Delay
« on: May 07, 2008, 05:41:06 am »

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all you are doing and sharing. I have been tinkering with HHO for about a year now off and on.

I was reading and have experienced that the burn rate of HHO is much faster than that of gasoline. I have seen where some folks advance the distributor on cars with them, but most cars now have electronic ignition which is usually pulsed by a crankshaft sensor which is basically a electromagnet energized by a spinning permanent magnet. The same goes for most lawn mowers.

I am not good at electronics yet but I am trying to learn.

 My question is does anyone have (or know how to make) a circuit that could be added between the crankshaft sensor and the onboard computer to delay the spark-timing? Which should move the spark from just before the piston gets all the way up to just after it passes top-dead-center.

I have several more questions for yall but I’ll save them for alittle later.