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Re: Mr. Feedback circuit
« Reply #24 on: March 28, 2023, 20:18:30 pm »
I came up with nice design on simulator

Now I just need to Speedup the current detection to make it happen as fast as possible for allowing the pll to tune…

Í may use a voltage follower to get it right and maybe a simple active pass filter…

this board is the most important board in all Meyers system

I finally also understood why there was a capacitor there with some diodes in the Vic… that is actually the current sensor the capacitor is connected to 5v and to one or two diodes on the tips of the current transformer maybe also a resistor

Resistive Wire is a good idea to keep the signal clean at both primary and secondary!!! In the absence of it you can use a resistor in series with the coil to make its impedance higher than the sensing resistor… also the sensing resistor can be a coil made of resistive wire to reduce power consumption by the effect of  the electromagnetic flux… the resistance is required so make the coil accumulate as low power as possible in the form of circulating current as it induces a phase difference… therefor the signal transformer small toroid stan talk about at the pll  patent was this! A feedback full of misters and secrets

I tested from 1:1 up to 1:1000 to find the best way of doing it and selecting the proper components to get a square wave even with very low or high current