Author Topic: ELECTROLYSIS WITH MAGNETS  (Read 5709 times)

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« Reply #8 on: August 17, 2015, 23:58:37 pm »
water covalent electrons spins cancel out so water has no magnetic dipole..

the flip side is .... " the magnetism expressed in a permanent maget is ASSUMED to be a property of electron spin..."

science tells us what ever science is told to tell us .  its one of the fences around the perimeter that stops us venturing beyond

I searched ionizationx for Yull Brown and George Wiseman with no results!

briefly George mentions MAGNECULE , atoms held together with magnetic forces .

scientists can dismiss pretty much anything the same way a statistician can manipulate figures to suit

Im reading up on george Wisemans mon atomic gas at the moment , got the book to read .
even though its unconventional electrolysis , the end result gas is interesting .

all the inventors have their different approach but the end result is water to gas , either di-atomic or mon-atomic