Author Topic: My camper as an experiment for improving the efficiency of ICE's - water as fuel  (Read 3271 times)

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Hello everyone,

It has been a long time since I posted here. Many reasons for that, what counts is that I wanted to share my journey to use water in ICE's.
After spending years on HHO on engines I moved my interest towards  the plasma spark ignition system to hopefully be able to use water in our engines.
I have tested plasma spark ignitions on various engines with great interest. Currently I am installing this system on our old Hymer camper. It is a Bedford chassis and engine from 1979 and this engine a good candidate for experimentation. All hands-on tech., no electronics except the CDI ignition system I installed with custom ignition wires that incorporate the HV diode setup.

Other mods I did to the engine:
Gadgetman groove to the carb (this WORKS but has nothing to do with water in your engine). It does increase vacuum to the intake manifold, thereby helping better vaporizing your fuel.

Other mod I did is the grooves I made in the head which I have not put back on the engine but will soon. This smart indian Sommender Singh has a patent on it but was willing to help me getting it right, for which I thank him a lot. These grooves, I am convinced now,  will add turbulence in the head thereby effectively increasing the speed of the burn. I guess you all know what that means..

Here's some images for those interested:

So I will first test how the efficiency is improved with these grooves before I start testing the plasma spark ignition. This will be easy to turn on or off since it is only the diode that causes the radiant effect.
Of course the reason for installing the plasma spark ignition is to see if/how water vapour can be burned with this plasma spark by dissociating the water molecule and freeing the hydrogen. Unfortunately I do not have the time I used to, to do the desk research on water and how to supply it to the engine. I believe some people here have been following this path so I hope to learn from you. I have read that ionization of the water molecule is well possible which may be needed to make the water molecule combustible. I need to learn more about this so if anyone has any resources that might help me in understanding, I would be very grateful.

I look forward to report my progress this year with the camper and hope to work with you guys together to make using water in our engines a reality, or is it already?

Please let me know what you think.


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Thats a nice project.
I know that some car manufactures did use waterdrops in their engines.
For sure the plasma sparkplugs can give you a better ignition of your fuel.

Good of luck. Hope you show us some stuff of your project!