Author Topic: Why is this forum so dead?  (Read 4643 times)

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Why is this forum so dead?
« on: December 16, 2013, 22:17:28 pm »
From being active on this forum for the past few days its sad to say this forum is dead.. No one seems to want to try and learn or share anything significant.. Everybody just wants to recite what Stan says as if that's the absolute and only needed knowledge to make Efficient hho production..

 If you haven't noticed Stan is quite vague on the exact engineering parameters for this stuff,,..
There is no one getting involved with circuit simulators which are at there disposal...
 Only thing i see is most people waiting for handouts..
Then people making accusations..  Also people search for significance in places its not..

There is no order of operation here.. no real scientific method.. but then there is 800 some odd members to this forum only 10 or so active and communicating 80 or so downloading new info (70 vultures) .. seems like everyone is waiting on a how to video to be released.. 

This forum is mixed with mostly pseudo science and little real science.. the only person I see trying on here for the most part is Sebosfato.. Hes the only one trying to push forward a mathematical model for electronics for the most part.. Also Hardkrome seems to know what hes talking about.. Then as well does donald which is no longer active

This is why i hate to say but forums like this seem to be non productive and more of a place to shoot the sh%t
converse / debate / argue about insignificant matters..
Since no one is trying to get into real experiments..
or trying to learn how to design circuits and share what they come up with..

Since I have stopped participating here i have learned how to program micro controllers as well as design circuitry (not copy) and also draw stuff up in cad.. And im learning more and more everyday since i read books about electronics.. and i don't rely on stans data and forums to tell me how electronics should work..

This is why I really don't care for any forum anymore.. not just this one... But pretty much all of them are a waste of breath..


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Re: Why is this forum so dead?
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2013, 00:37:44 am »
Outlaw, you could not have said it better.

I still post on a few forums but I pretty much gave up about a year ago.  Since then I have learned a lot more. I've tried sharing what I have learned on the rwg forums but all those topics got trashed by the same old Meyer quotes and questions from newbies who think there is a single secret Stan hid from everyone. Well, the secret is knowledge, a lot of it! Probably more than a single person could learn in his lifetime.

Just look at Stan. He worked for 23 years and still had not finished. Why, because he was still learning.

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Re: Why is this forum so dead?
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2013, 09:37:43 am »
Its unpleasant to see the missing of active people trying to do something you are correct men but i don't see this lack of interest only here, i saw this it all around the world where i've went to.

Its a common task in the life of an active person to try to ignore the common people with their small objectives like buying buying and spending with crap, because it makes our life little less miserable and help keep going and believing. The problem is that everyday born more people like that and nobody seem to care about this ignorancy. Populations are totally blind about what is really going on. I criticize not the only the politicians or the universities as they should be ahead of whats going  but i end up with blaming the people themselves because people got into this shit by the charm of the system.Theres people really starving out there, there are people to die everyday for whatever piece of bread. While there are people literally controlling who is going to eat and who's not based on a floating economic balance. This is totally insane, if people knew what is really going on and how those big make the money they would all become terrorists and fight to blood for their real unquestionable rights like; qualified education, health, food, fun, creative time, relaxing time and energy...   Unfortunately the system is so beautiful for those how constructed or for whatever reason makes part of it living in society that most they can't see above the wonderland the people that don't fit in this system simple because theres no time or space for them and they starve.

Hopefully i found this place where we can share our hopes and get stronger when this bitch society slaps us. And i find theres people here that is really interested, experimenters and believers and maybe although some others that miss some time in the way of science and maybe feel little lost, they help and are important somehow because they keep the dreaming alive without even knowing.

 I'm totally devoted to this technology because i think is a world saving technology and i live in this way. I work every single day on drawings, math and thoughts to try to figure it out and i'm also music producer which is allowing me to still have some time to think.

I'm working on many things at the same time but hoping to get closer everyday from something that could power the world.

 Hope to ever find others like me wishing a better future and not only a ferrari.

Steve for example made a good job making and keeping this forum for us he is a guy that believes and i believe in him, that should be already an inspiration for every one. I can't imagine how many hours he worked hard to get this online working.

Yesterday i thought of something...

Today 7 billion people thinking and living only for their selfs and we are fighting one another. Can you imagine if there were 7 billion people thinking about each other ?  Together?


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Re: Why is this forum so dead?
« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2013, 12:36:22 pm »
In someways a forum is something like a library. You do not read all the books in the library and you may not have an interest or even like some authors, but I still support the library when the tax levy comes up for a vote. Likewise there is a great range in readership from those who are learning to read to those who are quite erudite. No one forces you to go to a library and just because one does not like a book, I doesn't mean
you show up with torches and pitch forks and burn it to the ground.  Yes, the volumes in the Stan Meyer section are incomplete. The volume titled
"With the Lord There is Purpose" is probably sitting on a hard drive in Detroit and will never see the light of day. Stans  records are scattered and incomplete. The scientific training neededed for the circuits is immense

A forum is a place where beginners, experimenters, businesses and others come together. Just as in libraries where some peope tear pages out of the books, talk rudely and loudly , browse the shelves and find joy in being obnoxious, forums have similar issues.

Steve and some of the regulars devote time and money to the forum because the message of Stan Meyer needs to be preserved and explained. A laudible goal is that we develop clean energy so that the constant oil wars might end. I would like to leave a clean safe environment for future generations.  As in any community there will be people who disagree and with strongly held beliefs , sometimes strong or vulgar words are sometime exchanged in the disagreements

I think we need patience and understanding. I wouldn't post anything here that is not G rated because there is no age requirement for reading this forum but the next 14 year old's science fair project may be the breakthrough that is needed

Certainly, one forum cannot serve the needs of all experimenters, and there are more advanced technical forums on the internet. I touch base with them to watch for new developments.

Steve might be able to give statistics but I don't think that 3000 views on my project page since  nov 18th means ionizationx is dead
Though ionizationx, many of the movers and shakers in the HHO world check in here, exchange pm's and network with other forums.
We have members who knew Stan personally, visited with his family, have stood near the gravesites of family members.
We have a few business interests and administrators of other sites as members as well as newbies and the curious.
2014 will be a new year, let's hope for progress in the dream that Stan wanted for Mankind

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Re: Why is this forum so dead?
« Reply #4 on: May 11, 2014, 03:17:59 am »
When I read this post I got a image in my head of a seed, I'm thinking to myself if One plants a seed does it not grow? If 2 Plants a seed do they both grow? If 3 plants a seed, do they all grow? I guess it depends on the seed you plant, Tomato seeds can take time to firmate and some peppers may never firmate or take a long time.

But once you see its top 1" from the ground you soon have a 1' Plant, then some time later Produce! All that from just one seed Planted by One Person, and the Produce can be give out and Nursed into many more producing plants by others. Maybe the true planter of the starting seed did not already have the seed at hand! Perhaps there was some Seed Planted in the Planters Path for him to find you see. Only the seed that was planted in the beginning was already thought out before it was ever planted, but by whom?

We have always had problems and flaws in this technology, but you have to stop what you are doing and admit one thing to yourself, and understand it! The technology is growing and its not stopping! It may not be growing at a rate which satisfies you but soon there will be produce then the produce can be multiplied, then there will be plenty of seeds to plant. Just like a tomato, But they will not grow them selves as we all know.

Only a handfull of people will grow such things, The Rest, well they just Labor for it in trade and eat of it.