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Segmented Injector Electrode
« on: August 24, 2013, 17:44:14 pm »
I'd like to point out the importance of using a segmented electrode for Meyer's Injector.  This will allow the formation of specific voltage zones along the electrode.  This is especially true when the electrode is tapered, as shown in the first picture.  The voltage increases along the taper, due to the reducing surface area.  And this electrode can be hollow, if it's desired to inject some additional water mist to regulate the burn rate.

Segmented electrodes are also found in Scalar Art, and can be used as an interrupter for static energy.

With the tapered electrode, segmentation only requires dielectric filled slots in the surface.  For Meyer's application, the dielectric - such as high temperature silicone - should be smooth with the surface.  But it's important that the walls of the slots be machined perpendicular to the electrode surface.  And the number of slots should match the number of pulses from the VIC.

The basic electrode can be cut from a large plumb bob, for ease of acquisition.