Author Topic: Now offering Electron Extraction coating services  (Read 9580 times)

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Re: Now offering Electron Extraction coating services
« Reply #24 on: September 27, 2021, 22:18:16 pm »
Sorry I suck at html stuff guys. Any help is appreciated in this area.

Steve wrote

I like your dedication!
Hope that you are on something beautifull.
So you have to go thru all your stored stuff to find your needed components.......I know that feeling.

Glad that you are back.

I never read anything about a coating, except in the part were Stan draw a resistance layer in his drawings.
But again, not sure if those are the same...


Resistive coatings are exactly what I’m talking about. Like ceramic coatings on piezoelectric devices like the fogged. The gas processor has photocatalyst. This is depicted in drawings better then in words. The answer is in the descriptions not the electrical drawings. The drawings are deceiving because you can draw the circuits many ways to represent something that actually looks nothing. Like the actual device it depicts. I believe Stan’s coatings were his trade secrets.