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Stan Meyer WFC replication and PC Support
« on: December 10, 2012, 13:50:41 pm »
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Hi Everybody,

I’m new in this forum and I’m impressed about the amount of information I could find here. Let me express my gratitude for this first. Then here is my question/thought:

I’ve been studying the Stanley Meyer WFC, water fuelled car (dune buggy),… technology for quite a time now, I’ve read the technical Memo’s of Stan, checked out You tube for HHO experiments …

But what keeps puzzling me is that (as far as I am aware off) nobody really uses a PC to help out with the testing/finetuning of the Stan Meyer concept. If you take a look at for example the Dune buggy of Stan. It had a home build PC to steer the HHO gas production, the VIC’s, the injection system,… And this was in the 80’s early 90’s. Nowadays we have easy programmable PC’s to support us in such difficult tasks. Did anybody of you already tried to integrate the help of the PC into his experiments with HHO (for example the monitoring of gas production, keeping track of results while doing the tests, steering the VIC, steering the pulse frequency,…)? Or maybe you use the PC to process the formulas Meyer explained in his technical memo’s to support you for getting the VIC settings right?

I already bought me some equipment to build my first HHO resonant cavity. But before I start I want to capture all the formulas Meyer has mentioned in his technical memo’s into an excel, link them and try to calculate the best dimensions for the VIC coils. My next step would be then to monitor the Resonant cavity with the PC for results, performance, pulse frequency,…

I don’t know (yet) what the obstacles are to start testing with the help of a PC but maybe you could already share your thoughts on this.
Thank for getting back to me, I appreciate all your comments.

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