Author Topic: Brian Coats New Fuel Cell Build for Frying Eggs  (Read 5445 times)

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Re: Brian Coats New Fuel Cell Build for Frying Eggs
« Reply #8 on: September 29, 2012, 23:05:18 pm »
My fuel cell design has been assembled 3 times and leaked all 3 times. I have found the cure to fix the fuel cell from the get go. However, Based on what Cell I have Just constructed on posted here this thread, I have Decided on (RECENT TEST) that the Fuel Cell Build For Frying EGGS is now being Delayed and the Design at use has been found to be Over the top, Meaning it is Not necessary for frying an egg, it is no longer needed and has been marked as overkill when looking at the power usage.

There has been found Better ways to Create such flames from water since this build and the information has not been released by me at this time. I am uncertain of how the new design will unfold abut I am certain that the way I have came about doing it is wrong even though it works. It has also been found threw further testing that water has to be processed in such a way and Introduced to a Combination of different states of this H20 Material. It is also a further investigation how how to control the temperature of this device since its Performance replies on the temperature 100%. Once the setup is Completed there you have a Flame that can be controlled from any Diameter hole at fixed flame temperatures based on the diameter which aslo effects the Temperature of the mixture itself.

It has also been found that the temperature of the h20 entering the system when mixing with the what I will call at this moment (superheated steam) and a small amount of hydrogen will alow the water to become a fuel such as that of petrolium under only Certain Monitored conditions. Devices needed has also been related to the Silo Beam to the rod in the earth which produced the type of steam needed for the mix, and the type of water needed for the mix. It is still unclearn where the hydrogen came from in the earth pipe in the ground that kept melting.

It is Understood that the water flowing threw the system using power from the sunlight focused upon a certain selected material can cause the water to go into an not yet labeled (State) at where a small amount of Hydrogen Gas can become attacted to the State that allows sometimes Blue methonal like burns and even sometimes Orange burns. Its still unclear on why sometimes the flames are visible and sometimes they're not, and others they are more visible than others.

It has been found that exiting from a 3/8th " hole that the flame can reach 8 inches and diameter and is only slightly visible. Means for Controlling Evaporator Condensate Temperature has not been perfected so therefor no burner has been establesed yet other than that 1 video I posted on the tube which was No joke at all. It contained only tap water and a certain (state) type of steam that you have to be familure with in order to create this mix. To put steam in this STATE can sometimes take hours using MY design, And to my knowledge I believe my target attack on this system will be to minimize the steam production time down to a minimum. Which is my main goal today. Hydrogen is not of any value, it is not the key here since they type of steam can become infected from such small amounts very rapidly. Electrolysis may not even need to be used in the end when the system is completed. Perhaps only a Lazer heat source or Focused Beam could very well be the key to gaining such a steam. Even the Manifold from a Car may could later on be used but if so, the temperature will have to be Perfectly controlled in the end before this system will work.