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Sources, Links, Interesting Facts
« on: September 18, 2012, 04:19:24 am »

Stopping the destructive costly currents

In a powering system, it is the current that generates the magnetic field, but it is also the current that generates the "heat" in the copper wires. If we take power from the mains, [AC wall outlet] and run it directly into a scalar canceling bifillar coil, as the two opposing magnetic fields rise they meet opposition and stop flowing after a short pulse time for the magnetic field to rise enough to meet perfect opposition. In this state we have the power pushing against itself and this sets up a stress in the tempic field.

Now as the voltage builds up in the coil it meets a perfect magnetic blockage from the opposing direction. The current in the coil stops flowing but the voltage stress continues to be present across the coils two windings. This stress moves into the copper atoms as tempic field, and if using a copper tube core it travels down the copper tube as pure tempic field. The energy is present in the copper tube but no EM sensing equipment can register it. This kind of energy flows down copper wire just as easily as electric currents, actually easier because there is no heat generated in the wires and there is only one wire necessary to carry the alternate tempic field with respect to the background tempic field that is everywhere around us. The one wire carries both sides of the stress with the EM canceled.

To extract this energy we can wrap two coils, set them at 90 degrees to one another around the tube, wire them in series and out pops the EM as a sine wave.
Angular alignment of the two coils is necessary to form a sine wave. If the one parallel to the tube is resonant at the tempic frequency and the one at 90 degrees is resonant at the EM frequency we should get the maximum power out possible and little will be lost in the copper. If the coils are also 7-T to 11-E wavelengths both will resonate both waves in series.

Maintaining the power factor is a practice already in use by power companies, telephone companies, and antenna systems. In transmission lines it is good to have a balanced X(C) and X(L). Capacitive reactance and inductive reactance balance at resonance and the energy shoots much higher with less losses.
The problem to OU systems is that as the current flows we get resistance. If the resistance is from electrons jumping atoms, then we start to pay for the losses in heat and money as the power meter starts to spin faster. The tempic field from a power meter spinning is what we desire to avoid in OU work

It is proposed that if we use EM energy coming out of the Scalar coil input system it be kept in resonance. If possible the load will run off the negative resistance side of the waves and shunt any positive resistance around it back into the capacitive side of the circuit.