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Projects of wfchobby
« on: September 05, 2011, 13:45:25 pm »
Hi Lads,
In this section being developed is my step by step process being thought out with an end objective in mind.

There is an enormous volume of collective information by many people who have put a lot of time effort and energy into the science about varying methods of HHO cells and using water as fuel. I find the amount of information too much to absorb and hold in mind, so the objective of my section is to use this as a means to work out what to do step by step for my own project by utilising the combined knowedgebase we have on this forum.

The objective:
To build a working means of reducing fossil fuel consumption in a standard single cylinder engine by 20% to as much as possible and that the engine has a purposeful use for given the unstable state of the economies out there any savings on running costs is useful.

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