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Atomic energy
« on: June 23, 2011, 12:03:29 pm »

I would like to point out that meyer was not using just plain hydrogen and oxygen to run his dune buggy.

He was using mass energy.

He created a condition where hydrogen atoms decay during the combustion and thereto release a tremendous amount of energy.

He achieved this by manipulating the combustion in such a way that the particles collide and the impact is so strong particles decrease in mass.

He created a pulsed water laser, a pulsed water vapor laser and a pulsed air laser.

A Laser can have many megawatts of power for a small amount of time.

A laser manipulates the time to achieve power densities otherwise impossible. Power density is equal to high electric fields.

A laser condition amplify light or any other wave, anything that is explained by exchange of virtual or real photons.. 

This process is not a piece of cake, is not about putting a circuit on a water vessel and put it to work.

This is dangerous and release gama radiation and probably other. Thats why this reaction was to happen inside the combustion chamber.

Please don't believe that buying a circuit replication will lead you to the right direction. First of all you should now what to do and what you need.

Dirac and others believed that electrons could have a negative energy state. So medium could release energy, and therefore matter would remain with less energy and gain it again from other sources to achieve equilibrium...(sun)

The uncertainty principle is known to explain the universe as a kind of energy source, and as everything is not precisely located in our universe at all the times, we should be allowed to borrow some energy from the universe for a certain amount of time since we give it back latter... 

Actually as nothing is at exactly 0K temperature in our world, everything contains energy! The sun is up here irradiating the earth since billions of years, the water and air received most of this radiation and absorbed it.

Einstein, Hilbert, Tesla and others said that the energy and momentum conservation don't hold since the general relativity theory.

I'm up there working at this system.

I'm trying to raise funding for my company so we can bring energy responsibly to the world. Is not easy, people tend to think you are guilty instead of think you have only good intention, everyone don't believe in anyone, and think everyone can steal everyone anytime.

I'm full of good intentions. I don't want to make money from others work or ideas. I have my own.

I could have a way to heat my house with atomic energy, but i would go for solar thermal cause is way simpler and cheaper.

You must use the right tool for the job. This is intelligence.

For me a bunch of independent researchers with lots of good intention and limited funding will never get anywhere. Alone you will never get anywhere.

This forum should be a place for knowledge. Anyones work in the field should at least in principle add to the discussion and not have a price. In the end all the knowledge here was bring in for the benefit of mankind.

When you people understand that we should get together unfortunately will be too late. I hope to be wrong but i'm losing hope in the people.

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« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2011, 12:10:55 pm »
To create a reaction that release atomic energy is an intelligent step for one with knowledge and so prepared to what is going to find. To copy an atomic reactor at home with no knowledge is not so smart. Again is dangerous.

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Re: Atomic energy
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2011, 12:57:12 pm »
Quote: He created a condition where hydrogen atoms decay during the combustion and thereto release a tremendous amount of energy. End Quote.

This is so wrong on so many levels, what you are actually saying is that fission is going on and Sebosfato, that if this was truly happening, we would have Alfa, Beta as well as Gamma radiation and you can trust me on this, hydrogen decay is NOT happening nor will it ever happen unless you actually build a Fission reactor. You really need to study Meyers patents a bit further as well as chemical reactions. I proved in another forum  a long time ago what Meyer did and why he did the things he did in regards to the Gas Processor and the Injectors. So ones more - There is no such thing as atomic decay in this process - There are on the other hand atomic energy release or Ground State Energy Release. No material is destroyed in the process - what you start with is what you end up with. There are stages where there is creation of molecular combinations that is to our advantage and they play an important part of the fuel mixture, but no atom or molecule in its basic configuration is destroyed.
So, before you post more nonsense stuff and random thoughts, please read up on some physics and chemistry involved here,

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Re: Atomic energy
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2011, 13:25:47 pm »
Meyer title his Tech brief as method for releasing atomic energy under control using electric fields.

The equation Is even in the cover.

Is not fission, fission is when a big size atom become two or more atoms, but could be fusion or another kind of decay. The atom releases some of its internal energy or all of it.. I have some theories of what is happening but is worthless to discuss something based on the belief.

But there are some possibilities, could happen a fusion in witch the oxygen fuses with the hydrogen creating another element

The hydrogen could become a neutron that remains free or get inside the oxygen creating a oxygen isotope

The oxygen could fission into more atoms.. 

Water could reform in the end with less mass

The hydrogen could simply break apart and become pure energy as meyer said.. and water is not reformed

The thing is that the impact is so great that anything can happen, but some things can happen more than others.. .

I never saw any prof of anything. Please show us a link if possible.

And if this is not enough not even meyer knew exactly what happens cause is very difficult to see how things go in atomic level... What he knew is that making the things the way he did he released energy. So he keep working on it.

Meyer said it don't violate the conservation laws nor is a over-unity device. Water is the energy source, electrical and thermal.

The big problem was to explain the release of energy. Without a proper explanation the thing could not even be on the market, and thats where the problem start. Meyer had to find a way to explain what was going on and said simply it release energy. He would be a lier if he said is this or that. 

I'm saying that, yes, you could create hydrogen in large amounts and run your car. But all that stuff meyer was doing was for the controlled release of atomic energy from the water not to create large amounts of hydrogen.

There are other reactions that can release more energy, by catalytic processes like tutanka and like -- not saying theres not such thing.

I'm telling you that meyer was messing up with electrons energy levels not because he was stupid. Was just because he knew that getting up some energy levels you raise the probability of decay to happen. 

Anything will decay, it is just going to take more time to happen than we have to observe. Anything want to decay but the conditions are not favoring for that.

How many atoms decays you need to run your car?

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Re: Atomic energy
« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2011, 16:12:56 pm »
In nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry, a nuclear fission is a nuclear reaction in which the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts, meaning the atom is destroyed and you will get energy release in form of heat, light and decaying protons, positrons and neutrons. [/size]In nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry and astrophysics nuclear fusion is the process by which two or more atomic nuclei join together, or "fuse", to form a single heavier nucleus. This is usually accompanied by the release or absorption of large quantities of energy. [/font]

[/size]Lets use the correct word in the correct place so no misunderstanding is occurring.
[/size]First of all, what Meyer does with his laser injected energy is to add energy - yes, he IS adding energy, but not to the nucleus itself. He is adding energy to the electron of said atom to raise the energy. When you add energy to an electron it becomes exited and go into a higher orbit then its lowest energy state. Doing this you either create an atom in suspended and higher energy state which you can release at a later time or you can further add energy to the electron to such a degree that the distance between the nucleus and the electron(s) become infinite - this last state is know as a complete ionization, previous is partial ionization. If we look at partial ionization, this added energy is in form of an electromagnetic event and usually in the form of photons with a certain amount of pre-calculated energy, this energy is absorbed by the electron. Said energy will remain within the electron for a certain amount of time and when it releases this energy, nothing is gained or lost. So therefor, partial ionization is of no use for us. Complete ionization is on the other hand of use since this creates ions - either cations or anions. Doing this allow us to have free floating ions in the medium you are using and in this case, we have air and liberated hydrogen / oxygen from the water.
[/size]Free floating ions allow us to do specific re orientation of these ions - we can create new molecular compositions and that is the important part here. There is no doubt that atomic energy release is of use and this part of Meyer's work is now understood. We can achieve atomic hydrogen in two manors - (1) one is created prior to the combustion phase and the (2) second is created prior to the engine but released in the thermal reaction during the combustion itself (one is older then the other). Both of these processes actually use the atomic energy release and got nothing to do with fusion or fission, it is simply a creation of atomic hydrogen and/or atomic hydrogen fuel.

[/size]There are a few things we must remember in all of this; 1: Hydrogen is always our fuel and if the hydrogen is produced with a surplus in energy, then and only then do it become an energy source - if it is produced with less energy released then it was required to produce it, what we have then is a fuel - so, depending on energy gain or loss - either an energy source or a fuel. 2: All Hydrocarbon fuels is undergoing a stage from a molecular state into atomic state, this is related to RE ORIENTATION of free floating atoms - the total weight of the collected specimen do not change - only the composition of the molecules indicating no nuclear decay . What we have is energy release. 3: Creation of atomic fuel / gases always require a pre determined energy amount and are in most cases the same amount you get back when it is released in the form of thermal expansion. The gain in the system must therefor be in the production. 4: The last part is the form the hydrogen is introduced into the combustion cylinder - one is in the form of gas and the other is in form of XXXXXX - what is this second form?

[/size]In regards to Tutanka and H2OPower, I was there all the time working with them in this. The information presented by Tutanka was first discovered by me under another alias and it was happening in the background. I worked with the Gas Processor on a daily bases for over a year to determine what Meyer was creating with in the context of known physics and it was also found. We now know that Meyer was using two well known and established processes in the gas reformation (transmutation is a word of meaning) and this is also connected to the two editions of the injectors he made - they are connected with the reformation of the gases in use.

[/size]All in all, what we end up with is a specific fuel blend. The reason I am not presenting it in its full form here is that I want you to find it and understand why it is created and why it is to our advantage to do the same as Meyer did. You can go on with your atomic decay, I will not stop you. But you are looking in the wrong direction and you are looking at it way to complicated, remember KISS and when you understand the process, then it is KISS.

[/size]I have furthered my research on this and mark my words - It has already been proven to work - not together in the form Meyer did, but interdependently its proven going back to the early 18'th century. So, in regards to this, I rest my case. I will on the other hand keep on reading what you wrote but will only reply if I find that what you are posting is correct terms and / or the correct explanation. When I have built the proper unit or system and gathered the data to prove this further, I'll let you know. Have a nice day.