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Re: U core vic
« Reply #32 on: February 25, 2012, 12:02:38 pm »
The tubes are machined to Stan's specs. The plastic is not delrin but is very similar. I can't remember the name.
My signals are not 180 degrees out of phase, That was the mistake I made in the video. I've tryed everything but I can't get them 180 degrees out of phase when I have the cell hooked up. I can get the correct waveform when the cell has no water in it. I'm starting to think that something is missing to make our water capacitor complete.
Anyway, your saying dc offset input is important the keep the cores field from collapsing? I will test for this once I'm using the correct pulsing circuit.

When Stan talks about this unipolar pulse that should not pass ground state do you thing he was talking about both signals from L1 and L2? I'm inclined to believe that only the signal from L1 is unipolar because of the fact that there is only one diode. So far I don't see any rectification from it at all, at least not when I have the cell hooked up.

ps, sorry for my slow response time.
Thanks for the info Dave!
Well L2 should produce the opposite signal generated on L1. Both not going through "Ground level" not equal to 0V.