Author Topic: Craig Westbrooks response about his stan meyer visit  (Read 6152 times)

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Craig Westbrooks response about his stan meyer visit
« on: June 08, 2011, 19:58:54 pm » 

Craig starts off by sending me a message after i commented on one of his videos.. this is the first message..

"And you were saying @26 years old ?
 carefull old dudes no a thing or 2"

with this video attached   

So this is my response which can be seen in the first video
Yea I may be 26 years old but that don't mean anything.. not a wise thing to do to judge someones qualification by age lol...
 Here's the deal craig.. I dont think its right to say something doesnt work without attempting the concept.. which you did not do. then you try to slander stan saying he sold dealerships for 25 years?
 ok you send me a video showing all your test equipment??? what is that supposed to do? Is it to tell me you know what your doing? I have not yet herd you speak about anything technical when it comes to electronics!.. just because someone has a oscilloscope doesnt mean they know what they are doing with one..
 I know what stans circuitry is doing ,do you?
 So you went and sat on stans car and got to see his things.. ok well did you take the time to go over the circuits used? did you bring tools with you to measure  values of the transformers resistance and inductance? I dont think you know anything along the lines.. what type of core did stan use in his transformer? these are all questions i know.. but my point here is you most likely dont know this stuff but you find the merit to discredit it! does not sound logical.. 
 You got to see the stuff and all, cool deal BUT....  Don gabel got to REALLY see the stuff.. I talk with don and don has never mentioned any of the perspectives you seem to bring to the table..
 so you slander stan for what reason? your reasons so far are lies since they don't add up..  you feel like you have a upper hand on most people when it comes to knowing what stan did because yes you did get to go and see stans stuff.. which yes does give you the credibility to MOST people in a *  up way.. since you really didnt get the opportunity to physically evaluate the equipment.
   Sent to: pinemontgo

Craigs response,

Don Gable is an idiot !
 You can tell Im said so !
 I built most of my systems before knowing who Stan was ...
 I did go through it,
 And Don --has no clue
 You are still young and want tto question my perspective fine , I went through the bugy .. It had a gas tank , It was never running onn HHO alone Stans own notes detailed the failure at length ....
 Of course you want more right ?
 Stan was convicted of fraud ! Check the records !
 Over the water spark plug !
 You just follow Don ----and I have nothing to bre concerned with ! Have fun !
 You CanadianDumbass , your mat and russes friend not mine so *  off !
 I just have tens of thousands of dollars in equipment for fun ... U Stupid *  !

and he attached this video along with that response

its a video of his home.. its as if he is trying to say he didnt get that home from being stupid??? idk what he was trying to say by adding that video but that would be my guess?
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Re: Craig Westbrooks response about his stan meyer visit
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2011, 21:38:56 pm »

A person who is writing such words is not worthy anything in any way.
We havent seen anything exciting from Graig sofar.
I know he has been to the stuff of Meyer, like Don did.
For sure, i know that Graig is hoping for funding for his research and maybe thats the reason that he is pulling others down.
Not nice at all.
Like my avatar is saying: mean people suck


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Re: Craig Westbrooks response about his stan meyer visit
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2011, 23:13:45 pm »
I totally agree with you steve.. I just want it in the open.. so people see the tru colors of craig.. take this thread as a side note if anyone comes across this fella.. 

Don told me today that this guy spent at the most 2 hours visiting stans estate and didnt get to read any papers (don was there)  so he seems to be 100 percent fraudulent and 100 percent about making a buck.. and if anything will try to twist stans system into his own and act like he figured it out all on his own.