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Re: Complete VIC circuit
« Reply #8 on: April 22, 2011, 21:41:07 pm »
Heres two short videos I've made of the circuit working.

Step-Charging Effect:
In this video I'm showing the "step-charging" effect of Stanley Meyer's complete circuit. I used a replication of Stan water injector transformer, the "All in one coil" or "6-1" as most people know it as. I connected a 10nF capacitor at the output of the transformer. At a particular frequency range I get this step charging effect with very high voltages, well over 1kv.

Complete Circuit:
This is my replication of Stanley Meyer's complete circuit. The Green LED located on the bottom left is the Gated Pulse indicator light, the Red LED just about that is the PLL Lock-In indicator light. The other Red LED located at the far bottom right is the Pulse Indicator light and the Green LED located at the top is the Oscillation indicator light.[/i]