Author Topic: Meyer-Photogrammetry VSU-TEC detail  (Read 3215 times)

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Meyer-Photogrammetry VSU-TEC detail
« on: February 13, 2011, 23:16:47 pm »
Picture VSUTEC004
Caliper readings left to right
 262 Cap screw length
 423 Thickness of TEC
 242 Length of Gas Escape Hole
 409 Thickness of TEC viewed from greater distance
 159 Thickness of  TEC flange
Picture VSUTEC005
Caliper Readings Left to Right
258 Cap Screw Length
243 Length of Gas Escape Hole
175 Distance from Bottom of Gas Escape Hole to Bottom of  TEC
Caliper Readings Top to Bottom
881 Diameter of TEC Flange
812 Diameter of CH Cell Housing
21.89 Angle of Beveled Gas Collector
(True angle may be greater due to angle of view)
Note space at bottom of left and right cap screw holes  0.25?
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