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Stan Meyer Video List (Revision 18) Dealership Tape exists!
« on: January 17, 2011, 05:20:26 am »
see project page for most current lists under jim miller project




Title: Stanley Meyer GMS Explained

Format:     Originally VHS
Audio        Good
Video        Very Good
Runtime     01:02:35     Woodside Version
Date         Circa  1990-92

Originally posted by Dynodon in Dec 2011 in three parts. Merged and posted at Tony Woodside’s  site into one file. Stan and Stephen Meyer explain the Gas Management System in this hour long presentation. The video contains a number of segments including Stephen explaining the controls and operation of the GMS, views of the dune buggy and views of the injectors. Ulf  Dahlstrom is present and helping in many of the video segments . Some of the segments were taken in spring others in the fall. Some segments showing Stephen adjusting a GMS card and checking the amperage outside the garage also appear in a May 1991 Conference tape.

Found at and on dynodon64 youtube channel  and others. This is the tape that Dynodon mentions as having seen scanning through frequencies


Title: 1992 Stanley Meyer Interview

Format:    Original was VHS, now in DVD/divx
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Runtime: 00:37:21
Date:      May 1992

Steve from Ionizationx discovered this tape and obtained it from his Dutch professor friend. In the first few minutes the professor is talking to his sons in Dutch and mentions that the vehicle has been recently updated, that its not running at the time and that they are allowed to examine it. Then Stan discusses the various parts of this configuration of the buggy. This is an important find of new material made available to the HHO world by Steve. of Ionizationx
Ordering Info:  The DVD was originally offered by Steve for 50 USD to help defray costs of Ionizationx operations

Title:Stanley Meyer  The Ultimate Collection"

A 2 DVD set.

Format:   DVD
Audio:     Good to Very Good depending on the source of the original
Video       Good to very good depending on the source of the original
Runtime   Not calculated

The DVD Collection consists of 2 discs:

One disc contains over 1,000 pictures (including a few originals that I had posted on ionizationx)
and the Dynodon collection Very high resolution photos
The pictures are organized into about 18 folders

The other disc has about  20 files of videos including a few that have disappeared from the web such as the
ones from the Lone Lantern Society

The files are compressed with a 7 zip file manager  (trial expires in 40 days)
which didn't work on my 64 bit machine but it  was available as free download from the web.
Basic sources were the web, Dynodon, Alex Petty and rwg research for the photos
Tony Woodside has most of the videos although there were a few surprises  All in all a nice collection so if you have some loose change and want an instant collection to put on your laptop ,go for it. The description at stansdream was pretty accurate as to content. A good set to have for the serious researcher who wants to save a lot of time or to have something to watch where there is no internet connection.

Contents Disc 1 3.21 GB

Deregulated alternator Rotary Had some early original meyers photos of alternator from Kevin
Dune Buggy
Electrical Polarization Process
Gas Plasma EPG
Meyers Estate
Meyers Photos
Meyers Death
Patents-Diagrams Us Canadian     220 files
Pipe Tuning      16 sub sections including spectrum Analyzer, the long lost  WFC calculator program
Quenching Circuit
Resonant Cavity
Rotary Pulse Voltage Frequency Generator

Disc 2
About 20 videos including some no longer on the internet

Order on line
USD 220


Title:          "Water as a Fuel" The 1992 Global Sciences Congress, Orlando Fl
Format         DVD
Audio:         Very Good
Video:         Very Good
Runtime      51:53
Date:          February 1992

This is a version of the standard Stanley Meyers lecture presented  at the  February 1992 Global Sciences Congress.  There are some images of the Alaskan Bushmaster, a jet and a Corvette that Stan was going to retrofit with the HHO technology
Stan is introduced by Dean Stonier. who organized a series of conference in the late 87 and early 90s.
Ordering Info:
Tesla Tech Inc.
296 E Donna Drive
Queens Valley, AZ 85218
1-(520) 463-1994

Title: "Water as Fuel Stanley Meyer Lecture Denver Mariott 1990" on disc label
        ( ed. note) (Date in error)

Format:     VHS converted to DVD
Audio:       fair
Video:       fair  A murky feel,bad conversion?     ed.   best copies of this are from Ken Adachi 
Runtime:   01:00:41
Date:        May 1997

Ordering Info:

Order DVD 1521 They also have DVD numbers 1519,1520,1522,1523 and 8245
which is original Meyer material available from other sources on the internet.
Discussion: This is the lecture where Stan tells George Mallove that he would lose his development rights if he allowed measurements to be taken of his Water Fuel Cell
lts actually footage from the 1997 ISNE meeting
Water Fuel
This is the main source of Stan Meyers DVDs and materiel. Included in the DVD series are the presentations that Stanley Meyers made in Switzerland, Colorado and New Zealand as well as some footage from public TV newscasts and a portion of the public BBC broadcast of "It Runs on Water" You may want to support  one of the oldest forums by actually purchasing the DVDs. The four disc collection includes:

Disc 1
Title:        New Zealand House Meeting 1989

Format:    DVD
Audio:      Good
Video:      Good
Run-time   02:37:00
Date         1989

This is the longest of the extant Meyer recordings. Originally available in VHS format from Murray's old NuTech2000 site, it is now currently available from in DVD format. This is a recording of an informal gathering of HHO enthusiasts and inventors where Stan gives a blackboard presentation of the water
fuel concept. Stan glosses over a few pointed questions but the video presents some comments and ideas not found elsewhere.

Disc 2
Title:       International Symposium on New Energy, Colorado 1993

Format:   DVD
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Runtime   01:38:52
Date:      1993

Stan gives a fairly long discourse on the history and the politics on the development of the  water fuel cell. Stan is  is rushed at the end to present the  technical water fuel concepts. The slide presentation is marred by the overhead lighting which makes the slides have a washed out appearance.

Disc 3

Title:       The Safe Free Energy Conference in Einseideln Switzerland 8840 held in 1989
Format:   DVD
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Runtime:  57:21:00
Date:       1989

This is the most formal of Stan's presentations. It is a slide presentation at the Einseideln conference center in Einseideln Switzerland. Although Stan keeps on topic the presentation was interrupted by the audience calling for him to slow down as the translators had trouble keeping up with Stan's rapid delivery and subsequent difficulty in translating it to a largely German speaking audience.

News Reports

Channel 11 KKTV  A publicly broadcast news report on the Extraordinary Science
     Conference held in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1991
Channel 13 KRDO-TV A publicly  broadcast news report on the Extraordinary Science
      Conference held in Colorado Springs Colorado in 1991

Disc 4

Equinox "It runs on water"

Public broadcast from Dec 1995 (originally publicly broadcast on BBC4 and narrated by the late Arthur C. Clarke. It describes Stanley Meyers  water fuel cell technology and has comments by Keith Hindley who actually saw the tubular array demonstration unit at Stan's Grove City laboratory and comments by others on the implications for society.

Title:Water Fuel Cell Science Lecture 1991

The introduction and close of the 1991 Extraordinary Science Lecture

Available as 4 DVD set 75 USD at

They also sell a separate "Birth of New Technology" DVD

Ken Adachi  Meyer Videos

Ken Adachi Site has two listings:

The ISNE 1997 Conference
The ISNE 1997 Workshop    (ed. note)  1997 not 1993   different reference than 1993 Colorado 

"Water as Fuel Lecture presented by Stanley Meyer (Denver, Colorado- May 1997)

Title:      Water as Fuel Lecture 1997 ISNE  (aka 1997 Denver Mariott)
Format:   DVD
Audio:     Very Good
Video:     Very Good  lacks the murky feel  of other versions
Runtime: 01:00:29
Date:      1997

This is the last major public presentation by Stan Meyer before his death. In the lecture disc Stan Meyer presents the basics of his fuel cell technology and fields questions from the audience. He faced some pointed questioning by Dr Eugene Mallove about the lack of power input versus power output figures. Stan counters that he would lose his development rights if he did so.
Water As Fuel Workshop with Stanley Meyer (Denver, 1997)

Title:      Water As Fuel 1997 Workshop     (ed.) aka ISNE 1997 Workshop
Format:  DVD
Audio:    Good
Video:    Fair
Runtime: 59:29
Date:     1997

This video which is not widely seen these days runs about 59 minutes and is the workshop section of the 1997 Denver Mariott Presentation. Stan decries the patent attorneys and big energy.

DVDs currently available as of Jan 2012 :Details to order in Ken Adachi's Educate_Yourself .org  (Premium Gift Section)   If you give 50$ "gift" with blank money order you get the "premium gift” in return. 28$ each tape or CD or 50 USD for both.  Specify format wanted VHS or DVD   Visa/Mastercharge NOTaccepted.

On the net

Backyard Buggy Demonstration
Backyard Buggy Demo Short Version  run-time 6 min

Stanley Meyer Buggy Test Run short version
Format:    VHS originally
Audio:      fair difficult to hear Stan due to background buggy noise.
Video:      good
Runtime   06:14

Originally filmed in Stan's backyard by his wife Marilyn. Transcripts at IonizationX in buggy photo topic. The 9 minute version has the basics backyard segment, the 1985 WTVN newscast followed by about a minute and a half taken at another time of Stan doing some preparations before cruising down Harrisburg Pike in Grove City, Ohio. Stan Graumlich and Charles C Holbrook are seen in the video outtake. Buildings in background at the end are of the Lincoln Leveque tower which is how WTVN used to end its news  broadcasts during that time.  Copy of the original was held by Columbus Dispatch news department

Stan Meyer Buggy Cruising
This a the short segment a which is part of the longer version of Backyard Buggy


Title: It runs on water

Narrated by the Late Arthur C Clarke. Part 2 focuses on Stan Meyers with comments on the technology by Paul Czysk and Keith Hindley (who was part of a British visit to Stan in Grove City It can be viewed at the  site

Horizon "Too Close to the Sun"

Format:   Originally on film
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Runtime:  50 min
Date:      Filmed Winter 1993

Discussion: "Too Close to the Sun" is episode 30x10 of the popular British documentary programme Horizon.  This particular episode originally aired on 21 March 1994 and its primary focus is on Cold Fusion. However, short segments of the broadcast at the beginning and end has some footage of the Stanley Meyers vehicle. It is likely that the sound of the engine running was dubbed in later because would you take pictures
of a car running in a closed garage.? Also the dune buggy is being pushed out of the garage  in the end segment and their  is the  statement the car was not running when they came to film it footage was taken by a local station of the car running ( WTVN footage).

A YouTube video that shows only the Meyers footage can be found at Tony Woodside's YouTube site using this link :
Stanley Meyers Estate
Stanley Meyer Estate 1

Stanley Meyer Estate 2


Stanley Meyer Estate 3

View at Globalkast. No audio

This series of 3 videos was originally videio taped on January 11 2009 and released by Dynodon as a help to the H's in selling the Meyers estate


Extraordinary Science Conference 1991 International Symposium on New Energy

1991 ISNE  in Colorado the long version 50 min. runtime

Format:   VHS originally
Audio:     Good
Video:     Good
Runtime: Total runtime of all 4 segments about 50 minutes

The four segments has been merged into one continuous presentation at

An early version of the standard Water as Fuel talk containing a longer segment of Lost Tape 2 (which was used in a number of presentations such as the 1991 Extraordinary Science Conference as well as the 1992 Orlando Global Science Congress)

Westbrook Visit

Westbrook Visit (Short Version)

Westbrook Discussion on the EPG

Westbrook Visit (Long Version)


Tapes that exist but not publicly available yet:
Dealership Sales-Road Test   aka Dealership 1
Dealership Sales #2

(see image of VHS labels digitally magnified and enhanced in the attachment)

1989 Lab Visit with John Gilvesey (VHS) format  38 minutes


Torrent Sources
If DHS hasn't shut them down yet, this type of site often filled with spyware malware.

Meyers materials from Switzerland, Colorado, New Zealand presentations, Global sciences 1992 etc  You should just buy the from the sites if you can afford to, or support Stanley Meyer sites with your donations

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Re: Stanley Meyer video list
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Hi Jim,

Have you ever visit this page?


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Re: Stanley Meyer video list
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41 min


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Re: Stanley Meyer Video List
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I found Incredible this video about the cold fusion and stan. Did you noticed that he never show this new buggy running?